Hero Or No Hero

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Are you a true hero?

  • 1
    Your father informed you while dying that he found you near the lake abandoned and with you there was...
    A Strange Pendant
    A bottle of milk
    A Diaper
    A Keg of Beer
    A Swiss Knife
  • 2
    The man who raised you died and you were alone in this village. You decided to start a journey to search for your real family. Suddenly, masked men attacked and started killing everyone. You...
    Run away
    Hid in that secret place
    Acted dead. No one cared anyways
    Wore a mask and took revenge on those "pathetic" villagers
    Fought the off the village. You were THE hero after all
  • 3
    The masked men kidnapped the prettiest girl, who was the daughter of the village chief and who happened to be your childhood friend. You decided to...
    Asked someone to save her
    "What? Was that thing a pretty girl?"
    Forgot about her. My childhood memories are all fake
    Followed them to save the damsel in distress
    Consoled her parents
  • 4
    You and two other young men who were your friends started a journey to save the girl. On your next stop on the neighboring village, the villagers informed you about a "courage test". You...
    "Oh no! Not another one of those cliches!"
    Took the test
    Asked your friends to take the test for you
    "Tests are for cowards!"
    Ignored that. You were on a mission
  • 5
    After the test, you were informed about the hideout of the masked men. You were shocked to know they were the followers of...
    The devil
    Your school teacher
    A notorious villain
    The Prince of the country
    Someone you didn't know
  • 6
    The villagers asked you to save the country from that evil since you passed the test of courage.
    "That stupid test! Now I have the clean up their mess!"
    "Why am I involved in this? I'm supposed to find my real family!"
    "No freaking way!"
    "I'm the hero! I will save everyone! I will save our beautiful world!"
    "I will not put my life in the line for you. I need to see some cash first!"
  • 7
    Despite that, you agreed and started your sacred journey. Suddenly, your best friend...
    Told you he was in love with the evil guy
    Told you he was in love with the girl
    Confessed his love to you
    Told you he was your long lost brother
    Informed you he was one of the followers of the bad guy
  • 8
    With such a tragic confession, you...
    Sang with him about the beauty of your country
    Kissed him
    Asked him to leave the group
    Killed him
    Shrugged and continued your journey
  • 9
    Arrived at the gigantic walls of the capital city, you approached the guards. They refused to let you in without a pass. You tactically...
    Climbed the walls
    Waited for someone who'd have a pass to steal it from them
    Befriended the guards
    Tried to convince them about your sacred mission
    Faked a pass
  • 10
    Inside the capital city, you met the fortune-teller. She recognized your birth mark on your neck and advised you to have your fortune told. You agreed. She surprised you that you...
    Had no family
    Were the abandoned elder Prince
    Were her son
    Were the kidnapped son of the evil guy
    Were to die soon
  • 11
    You had a lead and you reached the entrance to the sewers where was the hideout of the evil guy. Before you stepped inside, a girl appeared who was the kidnapped friend of yours. She told you that she...
    Missed you
    Was forgiven for behaving and let go
    Was saved by a mysterious someone
    Escaped her kidnappers
    Let go on purpose to spy on you
  • 12
    You didn't believe her and entered the sewers. She came with you anyways. You came across hurdles and obstacles.
    "We need to press on, friends! ....was that thing poo!"
    "Man! Why can't they build straightforward sewers!"
    "I want to go home!"
    "It stinks in here!"
    "What was our mission again?"
  • 13
    You successfully reached the last room where the evil guy was. Despite what the villagers told you, he was actually...
    The Fortune-Teller
    Your real father
    The Village Chief
    The Man who raised you
    You couldn't recognise him
  • 14
    You fought him. He had the upper-hand and was about to be victorious when you...
    Used the love of your country and your friendship to defeat him
    Cried and asked him to forgive you
    Stabbed him with a concealed knife you never knew you had
    Used the keepsake of your family against him
    Poked his eyes
  • 15
    He was dying. He looked weak and pathetic. He asked you to forgive him. You...
    Asked him to give you power
    Asked him to forgive you too
    Cried and begged him to live
    Laughed at his fitting end
    Stabbed him again and again and again and again...
  • 16
    It was over. Upon leaving, you saw your blood gushing out. The girl stabbed you and ran away and so did your "so-called" friends. You fell on your knee and...
    Cleaned your wound and survived
    Thought there was a candid camera hidden somewhere
    Laughed at your stupid trusting soul
    Called for help
  • 17
    Miraculously, you survived that betrayal and decided to punish everyone. You made a pact with the evil dragon and sold your soul to it. You ordered it to burn the traitors to crisp while watching them in amusement.
    "That's disgusting! I can't look!"
    "Forgive me, friends. I will always think of you..."
    "Those traitors! "
    "I didn't mean to kill them! I'm sorry..."
    "Serves them right!"
  • 18
    The evil dragon went berserk and continued to kill everyone else and burn the villages, cities and towns. You decided to put an end to it and sacrificed your life for the happiness of the world. You fought the dragon and killed them. The prince of the country...
    Shook your hand
    Made you his special knight
    Put you in jail for summoning the dragon
    Welcomed you to his palace....YOUR Palace
    Honoured your bravery
  • 19
    You lived in the palace for awhile when someone visited you claiming to be your lost parent. It was...
    Your half brother "I thought I was an elder Prince!"
    Your dog
    Your mother
    Your son
    Your real father this time
  • 20
    Knowing your real family, living in the palace and ridding the world of evil, you...
    Eloped with the Prince's fiancee
    Lived happily ever after
    Started a new journey to search for anything useful and heroic
    Killed the Prince and claimed the throne as the rightful heir....
    Married the Princess

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