Which evil dragon are you?

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15 Questions - Developed by: Adrienne - Developed on: - 5.928 taken

This is a test which of the chromatic(evil) dragons you are

  • 1
    Where are you supposed to live?
    Forests, near a lake or a waterfall. The deeper you go into my forest, the less likely it becomes to escape.
    The high mountains. An Icy climate
    Volcano, tropical islands, as long as it's warm!
    The swamp or the jungle.
    Desert, or arid steppes.
  • 2
    Which element is yours?
    Fire, the biggest flames!
    A deadly poisonous gas.
    A poisonous, sizzling acid.
    Freeze! I breath ice.
  • 3
    How will you attack a prey?
    I'll pack them away in the snow, ice cream!
    I'll just burn them.
    I stalk it, play with it for a while when i get bored I eat it.
    I prefer the element of surprise.
  • 4
    What's you personality?
    Vile, evil tempered, and obsessed with death, I'm not very nice.
    Cruel but I'm a master of of intrigue, politics, and backbiting!
    Intelligent..i have very good memories!
    Pensive, lawful, vain, but i prefer to talk.
    I'm greedy and covetous, and obsessed with increasing my treasure hoards.
  • 5
    What's with your eyes?
    Maybe they are a little small, but they can stun you because you're scared.
    My eyes are smooth, glossy, and without pupils-when looking at them, you may feel as though you are looking into eternity.
    My eyes lie in deep sockets.
    I can be identified by my sharp, intelligent-looking eyes and intense expression.
    My eyes gleam with unrestrained greed when I have seen treasure.
  • 6
    A humans best chance to survive is
    Scare or intimidate me. if I'm impressed you have 40% chance i let you live.
    Not, you have chance of 1.1 % if I see you.
    Give me lots of compliments.. if you're not death already.
    Be my slave, if you act okay... well still a little chance.
    Give me a treasure or gold..
  • 7
    Your horns are..
    Two long horns, but they grow too the back.
    I don't need horns i have teeth.
    A big single horn upon my head .
    My head is covered in hornets.
    My two great horns curve forward and down.
  • 8
    Your legs and claws...
    Dark, tough skin and ready to rip you to pieces.
    Fat skin, huge nails, my thumb grows forward like the rest of my claws.I also have spikes.
    Sharp claws, my nails are curved down to have more effect while shredding you.
    My wide feet and sharp claws help me to walk atop snowbanks.
    Small, but deadly.
  • 9
    And what about your wings?
    On top a nice curve, widely but still perfect.
    A bit thin but like death..
    Big, high wins, down they are a bit damaged from the fighting.
    High, widely, dangerous.. don't touch them .
    Nice widely wings on the end spikes.
  • 10
    Your tail?
    Beautiful, a little widely, spikes on the left and right.
    Small but hornets on top.
    Just a normal tail, but still a perfect killing tail.
    Long, small a spike on the end.
    points like crocodile teeth stand up.
  • 11
    How big are you?
    Humans ran of, I'm 20 times bigger!
    Huge of course.
    Only 3 times as big as a human, but they fear me!
    Small: not high, but long if you look from tail to head.
    Long but that's because of my neck.
  • 12
    You're history?
    A long time ago, i worked with the humans in time of war.
    I resemble a brontosaurus.
    My breed is blue-blooded, that's what you mean right?
    Searching for treasures, even when I was a little dragon.
    From all that fighting my heart is as black as could be..
  • 13
    What do you eat?
    Everything that comes in my territory is food..
    Snakes, lizards, and occasionally even desert plants, but I truly prefer herd animals such as camels.
    I palette for elf flesh, but humans are also great.
    Fish, eels, and other water creatures. I will eat meat, but I prefer to allow my victims float in ponds for days, or even weeks, before being eaten.
    I prefer to eat meat, especially people, drinking blood is the best part.
  • 14
    Besides all this you are also..
    I'm lawful and i have some sense of morals.
    Abusive, quick to anger, and malevolent.
    Swift and alert.
    Fiercely territorial, vain, cunning, and terrible.
  • 15
    You smell like..
    Smoke and sulfur.
    Rotting vegetation, foul water, and poisonous acid.
    Normal, like the nature.
    Like my breath..deadly.
    The dry scent of ozone and sand follows me wherever I go.

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