Which good dragon are you?

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Chromatic dragons are evil, metallic dragons are good.
Which one of the metallic are you?

  • 1
    Where do you live?
    I live near deep water, especially in tropical coastal areas and islands.
    I live in dry, rocky uplands and mountains.
    I crave sunlight and dry heat, so I frequent hot, arid regions, particularly sandy deserts. I like to make my lairs in high, rocky caves.
    I love high mountains and vast, open skies with billowing clouds.
    I make my lairs in secluded areas, such as deep gorges or high plateaus.
  • 2
    Which element is yours?
    It's different every time depends on my emotion.
    it's a sort of poison or ice cold damp.
    A yellow beam full of energy.
    Ice, ice baby.
  • 3
    Are you easy too trick?
    Depends on the person.
    They don't even try.
    A little.
    Not me.
  • 4
    Your personality?
    I'm a champion against evil and foul play.
    I have a strong sense of justice.
    I have a well-deserved reputation as incorrigible prankster, joke-teller.
    I'm the most gregarious of all dragons, and I'm famous for my love of conversation
    I often concern myself with protecting the innocent and healing their injuries.
  • 5
    What's with your chin?
    It's a strong, long chin.
    2 little points under it.
    A little spike..
    Whiskers, like a sort of catfish, making me one of a kind.
    On the left and on the right a few spikes
  • 6
    Your colour?
    Red, orange, a little yellow
    Bronze and maybe a little blue
  • 7
    And you're horns?
    A curve near the left and right, then a little up.
    I don't have horns but hornets.
    a little bold, they grow to the back
    My horns leap over his face enough to create a sort of mask.
    They grow to the back, then curve up.
  • 8
    Your legs? they're..
    Small, strong with great claws.
    Strong and firm with very tough skin
    Small, the nails are a bit small but very sharp.
    Firm, strong call it whatever you want but they are sharp!
    Small, long and veery sharp, but my claws could be a bit bigger..
  • 9
    And you're wings!
    Wide, they grow to the tail.
    Long and beautiful, they grow to the tail
    Very wide and strong.
    The form looks like a leaf but there great.
    High and wide .
  • 10
    Your tail
    Long, small but strong!
    Maybe a bit small.
    Normal size, with hornets
    Very long, and small.
    Long, with hornets
  • 11
    How big are you?
    To be honest I'm huge, I have a long neck
    Long but a normal height
    Big enough... to fight!
    5 times bigger than a human
    Not that high.
  • 12
    You like..
    Protect treasures, and increase my intelligence
    Increasing my strength, protecting treasures and fight against evil
    Increasing my strength, fight against the dark creatures of the sea
    Making jokes and riddles to the other dragons
    To fly, high in the skies! I can fly for hours
  • 13
    You are also..
    Enjoying helping the meek and the lowly. giving my support.
    I have already told anything you will need to know, in order to know more I need to trust you more.
    A great singer of nature, therefore knowing when danger is lurking.
    I'm also inquisitive and I find humanoids fascinating. I don't tolerate cruelty or anarchy in any form.
    A great climber

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