Do You Seek Peace?

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Often wrapped up in our own personal subjectivity of perceptions, we lack the knowledge of a universal state of being. Find out if you truly seek peace or if you have fallen short of this desire.

  • 1
    The religion that I follow is the correct one for all.
    No. No religions contain any truth.
    The truths it teaches may be correct for all, but there are many paths to truth.
    If you don't attend church you are damned.
    What I believe is the correct religion can only be the correct religion in my reality.
    Yes. Only my religion is truth.
  • 2
    Your actions are what determine your purpose.
    If you have evil actions, you cannot seek peace.
    Actions, although filled with real consequences, are open to the affected individual's perception of right and wrong, thus they are only a small factor of purpose.
    Right and wrong are determined by me. Negative actions against me are not good for building peace or unity.
    Peace is a theory not an action.
  • 3
    Can a universal reality exist?
    Yes, my religion is that universal reality.
    Yes, what I perceive is that reality.
    No, the individual cannot transcend his/her own subjective interpretations.
    No, the individual is limited to subjective interpretations.
    Yes, although it must be outside of the self and part of a higher state of existence such as God.
  • 4
    Does peace start with me?
    Yes, although it is peace only as I see it and no one else.
    No, it starts with everyone else.
    No, it starts with you!
    Yes, I'm the only one that can have peace.
  • 5
    Are peace and love interconnected?
    No way!
    No, you can want peace but have hate in your heart for what is wrong in the world.
    Yes, one is not attainable without the other.
    Yes, although you can have love without peace.
  • 6
    Peace is possible by becoming this reality personally.
    No, peace is achieved through the external
    If you had that image, becoming it would only be self adoration.
    No, peace is possible by belief and action.
    Yes, then maybe you'll find peace jerk.
    Yes, although "this reality" must include God, spirituality, etc...
  • 7
    What is the best practice for achieving peace?
    Being a push over so others will not have violence
    Being violent so others will have to discover peace for themselves.
    Tie dye shirts, marijuana
    Meditation, prayer, reading holy scriptures.
  • 8
    Is world peace even possible?
    Nations will never stop having war.
    With optimism and faith it is not only possible but we are aiding its reality.
    No way, I don't even have peace in my own home.
    Yes, isn't this it?
  • 9
    "Blessed are the peacemakers....?
    ...for only those who are Christian know any form of truth."
    ...for they will be called the sons of God."
    ..for only those who go to church profit."
    ..for they will be called Tim and Tom,"
    ...for they are blessed."
  • 10
    Are little acts of charity and love important?
    No, they don't really matter. What can you really change by saying hi to your neighbor?
    Yes, then I can be a saint.
    Yes, because peace is achievable by living it day by day.
    Not as much as going into a church building and sitting down.
    Not as much as big acts.

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