What is the meaning of life?

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This is a thought-provoking quiz that will help you look within yourself to discover your own unique philosophy on life. What is your purpose in the world? How do you view life? 20 questions. Will take 15-30 minutes to complete.

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    In which way would you like to make a difference in the world?

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abby (40650)
11 days ago
so unaccurate its nit even funny
Phoenix (44470)
12 days ago
I can't get over my sadness HelloDarkness, I have a feeling in my stomach, I know what it is, it's hatred and sadness, of all those bad things I collected over years, I have a bad feeling I will unleash my pain on others. I found something strange about my life, whenever I get mad something bad happens everyday, I got mad at someone, and the next weel, they got extremely sick, I don't know what is happening.
HelloDarkness (44470)
12 days ago
I don't know why but I always feel sad, I need advise, I want to know happiness, someone comment on this test to answer my depression, please.
Person (74692)
23 days ago
Why was there only one question
Mike (97580)
25 days ago
When you said "god" ivisuised Sltalin, why wasnt this an option?
marymae (47410)
136 days ago
I create my own individual morals and stick to them. I know in my heart what is right, whether that be the same or different from what society deems valid. I want the world to be a better place, a place with more freedom, creativity, and diversity.
marymae (47410)
136 days ago
If I loved my job and my partner, I would be very confused about what to do. I would probably try very hard to make it possible for my lover to come with me. I want to have it all!
marymae (47410)
136 days ago
I empathize with the man. I understand that, with a little bad luck, I too may have to face the same desolation. I give him a ten and a mysterious smile.
Karsen (97656)
155 days ago
It said something about caring about art and music too, and that I am good at caring for others. I get that I am very caring for those in need, but music and drawing are my EVERYTHING. I play A LOT of instruments and I think that the quiz was wrong. It just didn't say a lot about that. And if I pass a "homeless" person, I understand that they might use money 4 drugs, so I give them a granola bar or something useful.
Lisa (70384)
165 days ago
Something happened to me today which I feel relates a bit to this quiz and the other comments:
Today I was feeling extremely low after a therapy session. So low I was considering trying to kill myself again. As I was walking down the street an elderly lady started talking to me. She said that she could tell I was upset and she told me many kindnesses. She said a lot of things some things funny, some things about other people she'd seen and met and then she told me to look up at the blue sunny sky then turned to me and said "It's beautiful isn't it? And people are beautiful. This is where I see God. I used to not have money or a home but I met someone I love so I am happy. I love people. I see in your eyes that you are a beautiful and righteous person. Don't be unhappy. Follow your dreams." (by this point I was crying). Then she hugged me and said "I have only just met you but I love you as if you were my own daughter." Before we parted she said "Have a good life. Love to you and your family. You are beautiful."
My parents said she was probably a bit crazy. My friend said I was probably imagining it. I believe she was a human angel because I need to believe there is some good left in this world. I need something to hold onto. I don't want my friend crying again because of me. So I am going to hold on at least a bit longer for my friend and for the woman I saw today.
When I was talking to her I had a strange feeling of coming home, something I hadn't felt since I visited my grandmother last year. Thank you whoever you are for being so kind to me today.
It was really close (51368)
236 days ago
You may or may not believe in God, but you definitely believe in people. You don't know what the afterlife has to offer, but this life is most beautiful to you when you are helping others. You sympathize with the poor and weak, and you do your best to help them with their woes. You love your friends and family. You give every person a chance, regardless of their past. You are a very caring, consideration, and passionate person. Just try to remember that art, music, and spirituality are important sometimes too!

Well it was right about the music and art and mostly I doubled checked it from my friends and there friends that I met and they say that is pretty true but this is a machine and it's not likely to be trusted...
So I gave it 5/10....anyway have a beautiful day! You guys are amazingly awesome in your own way and opinions!!!
DarkPrincess (21704)
338 days ago
Not all Christians are ignorant and refuse to ignore "the truth". We all take it into account but you can't judge someone just because of their religion. Some people of that religion can be really mean and others are the best people to hang around. There is one girl I know, she is a Christian but she was raised poorly resulting in a bad personality. She doesn't practise her faith even though she calls herself a Christian.

I myself am Catholic, which is a deeper branch of Christian. Most of my extended family do not believe what I do but they don't judge us because of it. Just because you don't believe in the one God doesn't mean you should discriminate the ones that do. You shouldn't continue to say that God is a lie. It is a hurtful thing to say to those who believe it's the truth.
Do Not Do This Test (01482)
410 days ago
This was complete garbage constructed by an infant.
Yikes (92513)
415 days ago
This comment section is a mess.
cv (34268)
513 days ago
human whatever ur name is...
Please, If you have children give them the chance. Don.t brainwash them with your Godly b.s
Let them discover themselves and not some entity made so people can sleep at night.
Umm,no. (84502)
528 days ago
O my goodness!!! I'm ging 2 spell the word out cuz apparently its a bad word. A-N-A-L-Y-S-I-S
Umm,no. (84502)
528 days ago
Y did it (beep) the word analysis
Umm,no. (84502)
528 days ago
Ok, well then umm @Harley I agree w/ u to a point @ The Human Calculator if u r Christian u should kw that u can't go and tell sum1 there ging 2 hell and @ Harley I do NT agree w/ ur analysis of "religious" people bcuz NT all religious ppl r like that NW wh@ ur describing would b the Houlier than though religious person I myself am sumwh@ religious but I can nt stand when certain ppl think th@ if they scream amen enough and if they put down those th@ aren't as "Pure" as they are think th@ they will automatically get a golden ticket to heaven!
Harley (62794)
544 days ago
@The Human Calculator

You are what I'd like to call a "basic religious hypocrite." Please, if you choose to be religious, at least read the Bible because (assuming you're Christian or a similar religion), it quite directly states that you are NOT to pass judgement on to others. Have fun "burning in Hell" for doing exactly what the Bible states not to do and telling William that he will spend the rest of his existence with "Satan."

Also, I am not going to spend my time here arguing with a religious person (because quite frankly, it's a huge waste of time, they only hear what they want to hear and choose to be ignorant and ignore the truth), but educate yourself as well. Assuming William is an atheist (cheers, I am as well) he does not believe in "God" OR "Satan." Honestly, your ignorance greatly astounds me.
The Human Calculator (25953)
551 days ago
William, what did you say! That God does not exist, you 💗! How do you believe that you and the world exist! I'll say, I told you so when God asks you if you believe in him go to hell because you said no to him! And you will spend the rest of your existence with the 💗 Satan!