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If you are like me and absolutely obsessed with charmed, then try this out.

  • 1
    In season five, episode "Sense and sense ability" what is the evil woman's name?
    Vampire Queen
    The Krone
    The Demon of Fear
    Phoebe Halliwell
  • 2
    In season 2, episode "Awakened" what is the creature that infects other patients with the disease Piper has?
    Ninja Doll
    Robotic dog
    Evil Spider Bug
  • 3
    When the Demon of Fear attacks, what colour does the victims hair turn?
  • 4
    What type of truck do the sisters get pulled into in season 3, episode "We All Scream For Ice Cream?"
    Milk Truck
    Toy Truck
    Cattle Truck
    Ice Cream Truck
    Garbage Truck
  • 5
    In Season 3, episode "All Hell Breaks Loose", what is the doctors name that the sisters are trying to save?
    Dr Barton
    Dr Albert
    Dr Griffiths
    Dr Snoselsworth
    Dr Henry
  • 6
    When Page first discovers her powers in season 4, what does she orb into her hand while she is in the church with Phoebe and Piper?
    A piece of Piper's hair
    Phoebe's shoe
    A Blanket
    Her mobile phone
    A Candle
  • 7
    What is the Soul Trader Demons name in season 6, episode "Soul Sister?"
    The Seer
    The Source
  • 8
    When Paige tries on Gram's go-go boots in season 6, episode "Witchstock" what does she see Grams as?
    A peace-loving hippie
    A 9-year old girl
    An evil witch
    A dragon
    A bus Driver
  • 9
    Each season, the camera shows a certain part of the Manor. What is it?
    The Attic
    Pipers Bedroom
    The Stairs
    The front doors
    The Basement
  • 10
    Who kills Prue?
    Demon of Fear
  • 11
    Why does Piper turn into a Fury?
    She wanted to run away from home
    She thought it would be fun
    She wanted to kill people
    She was grieving over Prue's death
    She liked the clothes they wore
  • 12
    Why does Piper turn into a Wendigo?
    She slept for more than 14 hours
    She gets cut by the Wendigo
    She said "I want to be a Wendigo"
    She drank sour orange juice
    She ate red meat
  • 13
    What piece of the Seer does Phoebe take when she is getting sucked through the closet door of the penthouse in season 4?
    Her Ring
    Her Shoe
    Her Bracelet
    A Piece of Hair
    Part of her ear
  • 14
    In season 3 "Look Who's Barking" what type of man does Prue meet?
    A journalist
    A doctor
    She doesn't meet any men
    An author
    She meets Cole
  • 15
    In season 5 "Cat house" what object gets erased from the present because it was destroyed in the past when Phoebe and Paige went back in time due to Leo and Piper?
    Piper and Leo's Wedding Figurine
    A mobile phone
    A piece of cake
    A watch
    A photo frame
  • 16
    What is the Agents name in season 4 episode "Witch Way Now" that finds out about the girls?
  • 17
    What is the agents real nature?
    He is a famous rock star
    He is a witch hunter
    He is Cole's best friend
    He loves Paige
    He is a journalist
  • 18
    Finally, when three sisters are together, what do you call their power?
    They Have No Power
    Strongest Power Ever
    Us Three Witches
    Power of Three
    Together We Are Strong

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