Which "My Family" Character Are You?

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I do not own the TV show "My Family". This wonderful show was created by Fred Barron and all the characters in this quiz belong to him. I am only a fan of the show, so please don't sue me.

  • 1
    What's your favourite hobby?
    Studying and reading books
    I dunno.....doing reckless stuff people think is stupid is fun!
    Watching telly (when I get the time)
  • 2
    If somebody got you REALLY angry, you would:
    I'd try to think of a witty insult, but I'd probably take too long
    I'd shriek at them and hit them with my shopping bags
    I'd yell insults at them and if they really annoyed me, throw something
    I'd devise a brilliant plan to get back at them
    Strap them firmly to a chair and perform some "unnecessary" dentistry (Ha!)
  • 3
    You're most likely to say:
    I hate you!
    I've got a new job!
    We have to talk about this!
    You're demented! You're unhinged! And you....well you're just you!
    I'm going to be a Tory prime minister
  • 4
    If you had to change your name, you'd change it to:
    Dolores DeLaudge (to impress men!)
    Johnny Stud or Sylvester Steel (to impress the ladies!)
    SONAR MAN! (I really want a superhero name!)
    I'd just change my last name and pretend I'm not related to any of my family
    I don't need to change my name! People find me attractive enough as it is!
  • 5
    How do you feel about the rest of your family?
    They're all lovely in they're own little way, even my mother
    They're perfectly fine so long as they're nowhere near me
    They've got a nice place where I can crash for a while
    They embarrass me all the time
    I've moved away because of them!
  • 6
    What do you watch on TV?
    Stuff to do with shopping or fashion. I wonder if it's on now?
    Any Bond films or Britain's Worst Drivers
    Inspector Morse
    Anything educational, like a documentary
    Anything! I love telly!
  • 7
    If you went on holiday to an exotic country you'd:
    Go to a casino
    Enjoy yourself
    Find something to complain about
    Buy a wonderful new hat (and probably lose it in a ridiculous way)
    Two S's: Shop and Suntan!
  • 8
    Your ideal date:
    Anyone! I attract all kinds of people!
    People who don't mind being dated three at a time (What! The opposite sex loves me!)
    Someone tall and blond
    Someone intelligent and caring
    Anyone who I think is good looking
  • 9
    If you got really drunk one night, you'd most likely to do which of the following:
    Start laughing for no apparent reason
    Run off with the guy/girl standing next to you
    Get my ear pierced
    Start gambling (Hey, we all get urges when we're drunk)
    Probably get a tattoo or something
  • 10
    If you accidentally went into a public toilet for the opposite gender, you'd:
    Apologise and try to give a reasonable explanation, getting yourself into deeper trouble in the process
    Put on a gruff/effeminate voice and pretend you're really the same gender as them
    Enjoy the new experience, because you like to try different things (maybe even look for a Souvenir stand!)
    Run out of the toilets at full speed, yelling how bad this is going to look when you become prime minister
    Eye up any cute looking guys/girls and ask them if they're seeing anyone

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