Are You Crazy or a sissy like your mom.

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Take this quiz if you want to know how crazy you are

  • 1
    Your little brother has destroyed your copy of Slayer's Reign In Blood what do you do?
    Make him buy you another copy
    Tell him off, make him apologize then hug him.
    Round up the Metal heads and Kill him
  • 2
    You wanna go to spring break but your parents say no do you
    Cry like a little baby
    Accept you cant go and live with it
    Sneak off with your buddies even though you'll get grounded
  • 3
    You see someone you hate what do you do
    Run at them in sheer rage and attack
    Ignore them they may not see you
    Tell them the truth about what you think
  • 4
    You are at a red light and someone challenges you to a drag race. You
    Say "bring it on" then race
    Rev the engine to the max, then do a screeching, supercharged burnout then race them
    Calmly move off ignoring them.
  • 5
    Your bored whilst driving do you
    Do nothing just live with it
    Gas it to over 100MPH Never lifting your foot off the gas pedal
    Play music to help combat your boredom
  • 6
    You are invited to a formal dinner party do you
    Go and be a good boy/girl
    Make excuses not to go
    Round up your buddies, walk in heavily drunk and trash the place
  • 7
    Somebody face plants off their skateboard do you
    Scream like a little girl then call for help
    Walk to them and see if they're alright then do nothing
    Laugh you hate them anyway
  • 8
    Somebody insults you do you
    Beat the crap out of them
    Ignore them it's not worth it
    Insult them back using the worst comeback used by man
  • 9
    Your neighbor is playing some S**t A** music. you
    Accept it you have no rights to govern their lives
    Play Slayer Extremely loud to piss them off
    Fire paint balls at their house repeatedly for the next month
  • 10
    You are forced to attend some stupid club at school do you
    Go but try to worm your way out of it
    Go like a good boy/girl
    Burn down the school with all the teachers inside