Do you really have a crush on him?

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Do you have a crush on this guy, or are you just friends or less?

  • 1
    Do you catch yourself thinking about him at random moments?
    Not really...
    Um... does now count?
  • 2
    If you catch him looking at you, are you pleased?
    Not really, I kind of feel embarrassed
    Yes, doesn't that mean he likes me too?
    No, isn't he like, stalking me?
  • 3
    When you look at him and he catches you, do you?
    Smile at him to show that you like him
    Blush madly and turn away
    Run away
    Glare at him
  • 4
    He comes and sits next to you, do you?
    Smile at him, and start a conversation.
    Glare at him before moving
    Ignore him completely
    Smile quickly, before turning your back on him
  • 5
    When he asks you if you're dating someone, what do you say?
    Not at the moment... whilst smiling and looking him in the eyes.
    No and I don't want to be
    Yes, very forcefully
  • 6
    You're at a party, and you see him across the room talking to his mates, what do you do?
    Ignore him
    Catch his eye, smile, and if he smiles back head over to talk,
    Smile if he sees you, before grabbing the nearest guy to you and dancing with him
  • 7
    He asks you to dance, then a slow song starts playing, do you?
    Say yes and wait for him to put his arms round you.
    Tell him that you'll dance when a faster song comes on
    Say no and start slow dancing with the guy next to him
    Say no, wait for a fast song and dance with your girlfriends.
  • 8
    After the dance (or not), he offers to buy you a drink, you say:
    Yeah sure I'll have a coke, then head off to talk to your girlfriends.
    Yes, and head over to the bar with him, starting a conversation.
    No thanks, and stalk off.
    Um, maybe later, while searching distractedly for your mates.
  • 9
    At the end of the night, he offers you a lift home, you:
    Say no thanks and start flirting with the Mercedes owner next to him.
    Say yes please, smile sincerely, and head towards his car.
    Say: um, yeah, well no-one else is giving me a ride.
    Say no and head off laughing towards your girlfriends.
  • 10
    After dropping you home he asks for your number, do you give it to him?
    Yes, of course! Whilst smiling and looking him straight in the eyes for 2 seconds minimum!
    Yeah I guess, I mean it might come in handy if he ever needs help or anything
    Of course not, I'm already running towards the door before he's finished asking.
    No, I don't really want him to call me.

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