The more important thing for you. Friendship or love?

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For you, which is more important? Take this quiz to know whether friends are more important than your crush or vice versa.

  • 1
    1st day: You go to a party with your best friend. You see a boy that you like is there but your best friend like the boy too. What would you do?
    Ignore him...
    Ask my friend to go near him and has an interesting conversation.
    Go near the boy and talk happily. Act as my friend isn’t there...
  • 2
    The boy asks you to have a dance with him. What would you say?
    Sure, why not?
    What! Dancing! Do you think you are perfect to dance with me! Go away, you idiot!
    No, thanks. I don’t know how to dance.
  • 3
    Party is over. You walk to home with your best friend. Your friend asks you whether you like the boy or not. What do you answer?
    Well, we are not more than friends. No need to worry...
    I love him! Love him with all my heart and soul!
    No way! I hate him! I will never fall in love with him! I swear!
  • 4
    You arrive at home. You and your friend enter the house (live together). Then, your cell phone makes sound. The boy calls you. Your friend asks who is calling you. You say...
    Hello, sweetie! Why are you calling me? Miss me, ha?
    The boy... I’m sure he has nothing important to say. Just decline it. Tomorrow, I’ll talk with him...
    A stupid boy that you like! Just a disturb! (Off your cell phone..)
  • 5
    2nd day: Another day, at school... You meet the boy. The boy asks you why you don’t answered the call from him yesterday.
    Sorry, I’m too busy. I don’t realize that you call me...
    Sorry! I don’t mean to decline your call. It’s all her fault! (point your finger to your friend) She doesn’t let me to answer the phone...
    Don’t you know! You are disturbing me! Are you crazy calling me so late! Such an idiot!
  • 6
    You join a club. Then, you realize the boy join the club too. You....
    Just ignore him.... Pretending you don’t know him.
    I want to go out from this club! Now!
    Ask your friend to join the club too!
  • 7
    The boy asks your help to carry some books. You...
    Okay, I’ll help you. Maybe, my friend can help too...
    You are not a gentleman! Asking help from a girl. What a weak boy you are!
    Yes, I’d love to! What else I could help?
  • 8
    Recess time... You want to eat with... who?
    Eat with the boy! Just two of us! How romantic!
    Of course, my best friend!
    My best friend and the special boy...
  • 9
    The boy looks at you during the class. He smiles at you. You...
    Blush and turn back!
    Smile at him back and give a flying kiss to him...
    Make faces and look back at the whiteboard.
  • 10
    Time to go back from school. Your friend tells you tomorrow is the boy’s birthday. What would you do then?
    Sorry, I want to go home. I feel I've a fever...
    I buy the best present for him! No one can buy better present than my present!
    Helping my friend to choose the best present for him.
  • 11
    If you want to buy a present for him, what present you would buy?
    A cute birthday card, maybe...
    Anything that he likes!
    Something like frogs or snakes!
  • 12
    3rd day: Your friend gives him the present. You don’t have but any present. You just say...
    Sorry, don’t have enough money to buy present...
    You are lucky because my friend likes you!
    So sorry! I don’t buy anything for you! Anyway, happy birthday, boy! (Give a kiss and a hug to him)
  • 13
    Not long after that, the boy asks you for a date. You say....
    I’m not interested...
    Go away and date with my friend. I don’t have time for you!
    What day and what time will we go...?
  • 14
    In the same day, the boy says he loves you. You...
    Sorry, I can’t except you...
    I love you too!
    You love me! I hate you!
  • 15
    After that, you see the boy kisses your best friend. You say...
    I know you are joking with me when you said you love me...
    (Slap him!) You lied to me! How dare you!
    Congratulations! I hope you will be the happiest couple in the world!
  • 16
    The boy says it is just a misunderstand. You...
    Nothing to say... no comment...
    What? I think you are a great couple...
    Cry loudly and run away!
  • 17
    4th day: You meet him in the school... You can’t forgot about yesterday’s incident... You...
    I accept you back. I’ll give you the second chance.
    You should be either my friend’s boyfriend or my own boyfriend...
    I hope you can be my friend’s boyfriend...
  • 18
    The boy tells you he will move to overseas! What would you do?
    Message him and say goodbye.
    If he wants to go away, just go! There’s nothing to do with me!
    Make cakes, chocolate and other food for him to eat in airplane.
  • 19
    Last day: You want to show him that you love him. Your friend know that you love him. So, last words before he lives you...
    Don’t have to be alone with what you’re doing, I’ll always be there for you. Message me.
    If you bring back another girl after a year, I will kill you!
    When you come around, you cheer up my life! Please don’t leave me! You are my reason to live!
  • 20
    Bonus day: What do you think about my quiz?
    Okay... but my boyfriend’s quiz is better...
    Not sure...

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