The REAL Zombie Test

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So many of these tests are created by children with short knowledge and beliefs. This is the REAL zombie test, with realistic expectations and results.

  • 1
    Zombies are...
    A manageable problem in such an event.
    Fiction. Will never come to be.
    A very small, but viable possibility.
  • 2
    You catch wind of a zombie outbreak through the media. (Roughly 100 miles away) Your first course of action...?
    Wait until the threat arrives in your town.
    Pack up and move out.
    Collect supplies (food, weapons, etc) from stores.
    Start filling every possible container with water.
    Barricade your dwelling.
  • 3
    You and your mother make it out towards the wilderness after an infestation in your town. She reveals a small bite on her ankle. What to do?
    Investigate & interrogate.
    Wait until any ill symptoms present themselves.
    Bandage it up, so it will heal faster.
    Shoot her right then.
    Fetal position and cry.
  • 4
    Zombies have overrun your home! You've managed to escape, hike away, and have set up camp. Awesome! After a few days, you're awakened by a shamble...
    Run away! Set up camp elsewhere!
    Dispatch him through melee combat.
    Knock him in the fire! He'll make for dinner later... how the table has turned!
    Shoot him in the head.
  • 5
    The best place to fortify for long-term survival.
    Your 1 story ranch house.
    A prison.
    Cave in the woods
    Grocery Store
    Ship in the ocean
  • 6
    Magical fairy appears and will offer you ONE weapon. What luck!
    Machine gun
    MacGyver, a paper clip, and a rubber band.
    Chuck Norris
    Meat Cleaver
  • 7
    What do you asses to be the biggest risk in a nationwide zombie outbreak?
    Nature (animals, temperature, weather, etc)
    Zombies! Scary!
    Lack of courage/determination to survive.
  • 8
    Zombies have...
    An insatiable hunger.
    Harness able work-force for today's society. Free labor!
    Superhuman abilities. (Strength, sight, perception, etc)
    A slight memory of who they once were.
  • 9
    What to wear? We can't be fashionably retarded, can we?
    Suit of armor! Medieval style, baby
    What you always wear.... casual, hip threads.
    Everything you can possibly wear, you'll need it later.
    Thick wool/denim
  • 10
    You've made it into the wilderness, without the dead on your tail. Great! High-five! What do you do now?
    Light a huge bonfire, so other survivors will know where you are.
    Re-populate the planet with whatever young, unwilling woman you tie down.
    Wait for it all to end.
    Build tree houses
    Cultivate the land
  • 11
    Who's your preferred companion?
    Police Officer

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