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This quiz will give you a detailed story of you. What your life would be like if you lived in medieval times based on how you live your life today!

  • 1
    How would you best describe your personality?
    Easily annoyed, lazy, careless, and wild
    Earnest, clever, fun loving, hard worker
    Lazy, but works hard anyway, normally happy
  • 2
    When you get home from school, you:
    Your mom does your homework while your dad draws you a bath
    Do minimal work (you can finish it the morning), half-ass the chores, and watch TV
    Do your homework (yuck), have a snack, and go outside
  • 3
    You dress:
    Completely decked out; appearances are everything
    Very casually, you know, jeans and a T-shirt
    With style, but definitely not too preppy
  • 4
    Your friends are normally:
    Like me; pretty, cool, smooth, but we're not very close
    We are pretty similar and appear normal to the rest of the school
    Surprisingly different than me; I like all sorts of people
  • 5
    You think your quiz results will cast you as a:
    Hard working poor girl
    Duh! a princess!
    Middle class worker
  • 6
    You think this quiz is:
    OK; I've had better
    Entertaining; at least it's giving me something to do
    I could be sleeping or getting a facial
  • 7
    To you, Life is:
    A privilege, a gift, it's wonderful
    It's GREAT!....As long as I get what I want
    You work, you eat, you sleep; it's nothing spectacular
  • 8
    If you were annoyed, it'd be by:
    Other people, although I try not to let things bother me
    Crappy weather, a lot of work, little kids
    Pretty much everything that isn't convenient for me
  • 9
    Your favorite thing is:
    Kissing your lover in the pouring rain
    Shopping or going out to eat
    Relaxing at home in front of the TV with family
  • 10
    If there was a famine and you happened to come up with an elaborate plan to steal a chunk of bread, flee from the police, and finally get to a place to eat it, you see two kids searching through the trash
    You feel bad and let them use your plan to steal more bread
    You give them half of it; you need to eat too
    You give them the majority of your bread

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