Prove that you know baseball's RULES and STRATEGIES.

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Forget the useless trivia - this quiz focuses entirely on the rules and strategies of baseball. I have played 17 seasons of baseball and love the game more than anything in the world. I cannot stand all the ignorant people I've met who tell me that baseball is boring, when, really, they simply do not understand the sport well enough to appreciate it. I have spent hours carefully creating this quiz so that it can serve as a litmus test of people's baseball savvy. It was designed to be challenging, but great effort was also put into ensuring its fairness. There ARE NO TRICKS to this quiz - if you know baseball like the back of your hand, you will ace it. Answer all ten questions correctly, and I will believe that you genuinely understand the game. Answer any less than nine of the questions correctly, and you will know that you are not qualified to assess baseball's entertainment value.

  • 1
    OK, there are 2 outs and a runner on third base. The batter hits a ground ball and is thrown out at first. On the play, the runner at third comes home. -- Does the run count?
    Only if the runner scored before the batter was thrown out.
    Only if the bases were loaded.
  • 2
    Which of the following scenarios might allow a batter to safely reach first base without hitting the ball?
    The pitcher throws three balls. The batter does not swing at any of them.
    A pitch that would otherwise be called a strike beans the batter.
    The umpire calls "time out," but the pitcher pitches anyway.
    The batter strikes out, but the catcher drops the last pitch of the at-bat.
  • 3
    It is the bottom of the last inning of a tie game, and there is a runner on third base. A fly ball is hit high in the air straight to the center fielder. -- What does the runner on third do?
    Wait to see if the ball is caught.
    Run home to score the winning run.
    Run half way home, see if the ball is caught, then score if it's dropped.
    It depends on the number of outs.
  • 4
    Some players can bat equally well right-handed and left-handed. As they step up to the plate, what most often determines with which hand they will choose to bat?
    Where the base runners are standing
    Whether the pitcher is right or left-handed
    How tired the pitcher is
    Where the fielders are positioned
  • 5
    When are base runners allowed to steal bases?
    Whenever they want
    Only after the ball crosses home plate
    Only after the ball leaves the pitcher's hand
    Only when the pitcher is delivering
  • 6
    A fly ball is hit to deep left field. It clears the outfield fence, but bounces off the foul pole and back onto the field. What is the ruling?
    Home run
    The ball is still in play.
    Foul ball
    It depends on what part of the foul pole it hits.
  • 7
    Even if they have been told to bunt during their at-bat, players seldom attempt to bunt after two strikes have been called. Why is this?
    If they bunt the ball foul, the umpire will call them out.
    The pitcher is often expecting a bunt in this situation.
    If they accidentally bunt the ball high into the air, it might be caught.
    If they bunt with two strikes on them, they will be called out.
  • 8
    If there are runners on first and second base and less than two outs, any fly ball hit to the infield is automatically ruled as an out. Why is this?
    To penalize the batter for a poor hit
    To a prevent a double play
    To give the runners on base a chance to advance
    To speed up the game
  • 9
    Given the geometry of a baseball diamond and the direction in which the players run the bases, which outfielder(s) would you expect to have the strongest throwing arm(s)?
    The center fielder
    The right fielder
    Both the left fielder and the right fielder
    The left fielder
  • 10
    Alright, bottom of the ninth inning, one out, runners on 1st and 3rd base. Your team is in the field. YOU MUST END THE INNING DURING THIS AT-BAT. -- A hard ground ball is hit straight to you at shortstop; You field it cleanly. What do you do?
    Throw the ball the third baseman.
    Throw the ball to the catcher.
    Throw the ball to the second baseman.
    Throw the ball to the first baseman.

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Steve ( 74791 )
Posted 124 days ago
Bs-this is a scam lottery when you click answer to be checked
Tomia ( 81453 )
Posted 167 days ago
Hi, this was great fun. _Could you please make some more?