What kind of kisser are you?

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Are you strong, normal, or light kisser? Find out!

  • 1
    For your first kiss, you...
    Quickly kiss him but passionately
    Make out with him
    Kiss him lightly
  • 2
    Do you...?
    Kiss him once a week
    Kiss him rarely but say I love you a whole lot.
    Kiss him everyday
  • 3
    When he is with his friends and he wants to kiss you to "mark his spot", you
    Kiss him lightly and smile at his friends showing that you love him
    Make out like how you always do
    Kiss him quickly and blush
  • 4
    Your boyfriend's mood is not good. You...
    Tell him, "I like you when you smile... Show it to me" as nice as you can then kiss him
    Try to make him feel better, by kissing him like you never kissed him before
    Try to talk to him to make him feel better
  • 5
    Your boyfriend wants to have sex, you...
    Don't do it and try to change the subject
    Do it
    Tell him your too young
  • 6
    Your boyfriend's friend said your boyfriend is cheating on you, you...
    Ask your boyfriend if it's true
    Cry about it and say nothing
    Go to him and ask him firmly. You do NOT want to be cheated
  • 7
    Your boyfriend breaks up with you because your boyfriend's parents think your not good enough, you...
    Be sad and say good bye. Well it's not HIS fault
    Say it doesn't matter and kiss him passionately
  • 8
    You're moving the next day and your boyfriend doesn't want you to go. You...
    Cry and let him hug and kiss you
    Ask your parents to have the day and night with him and take off doing everything you and he likes.
    Tell him sorry and kiss him... your final kiss
  • 9
    It's his birthday and you want to do something for him.
    You take him where ever he wants and kiss him a million times
    Forget and try to avoid him and tell him happy birthday the day after.
    You forget and when he tells you, you make out and sleep with him
  • 10
    His cousin comes to town and comes with you guys on your date. He says you're not a good girlfriend and you're ugly. You
    Tell him if he can stop right in front of your boyfriend's face and kiss your boyfriend right in front of the cousin
    Yell and slap that boy in the face.
    Get angry and tell your boyfriend that he's bugging you

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