Are you a true horse lover?

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Do you REALLY love horses? Find out here!

  • 1
    What would you do if a vet told you your horse needed surgery, and it would cost $1,000?
    Have the vet operate as soon as possible!
    Put it down. It costs too much.
    Send it to slaughter.
    Sell it to someone else, so they can pay for it
  • 2
    There's a horse for sale, and if it doesn't sell, it's going to slaughter! It costs $500, all of your money. Would you...?
    Ask the owners to lower the price, and if they say no . . . "Oh well, I tried."
    Buy it to sell to a new home.
    Buy it! keep it forever as your pet!
    Let it go to slaughter.
  • 3
    What is the part of equipment that goes in the horse's mouth?
    The Latino Keeper
    The Bit
    The Saddle
    The Horn
    The Bridle
  • 4
    What do you do if your horse has colic?
    Take it for a short ride.
    Don't allow it to roll!
    Give it some medicine and it will be fine!
    Allow It to roll!
  • 5
    What is the best thing to do if your riding your horse, and you know it's about to get spooked by a deer coming from the woods?
    Dismount the horse, but don't let go of the reins!
    Jump off the horse Immediately, and back away from the horse so he won't attack you!
    Have the horse run as fast as it can the other way!
  • 6
    What is vaulting?
    When you wear fancy riding outfits and show off your "Awesome" riding abilities!
    Basically gymnastics on horses.
    When the horse jumps off of a giant ramp, and lands in a pool of water.
  • 7
    What is the fastest gait?
  • 8
    What one means a full grown, female horse?
    A mare
    A stallion
    A colt
    A filly
    A gelding
  • 9
    What is posting?
    When you put all of the gear/equipment on your horse.
    When you tie up your horse to a post.
    When you rise up and down with a beat/rhythm of a trot, canter, etc.
    When you take all of your gear/equipment off of a horse.
  • 10
    What should you do if your horse starts to canter, trot, gallop, or sprint when it is supposed to be walking? You already have ordered it to stop and pulled back on the reins several times. It still won't stop! What do you do?
    Pull it's tail.
    Kick it with your heels.
    Pull its head to it's shoulder.
    Jump off.
    Slap it in the face.

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kristean ( 3.253 )
Posted 115 days ago
this test was fun I love horses so I do quizzes about horses all the time