Are You A Horse Fanatic?

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Are you sure that you're REALLY horse crazy? Let's find out!

  • 1
    Let's say that you had a horse that was about to die. It needed a surgery that cost $1,000 in order to live. What would you REALLY do?
    Pay for it at whatever price!
    Try to bargain with the doctor, and if he says no then get rid of the horse.
    Try to raise enough money before it dies.
    Oh well. It had a good life!
    Sell it, and get somebody else to pay for it.
  • 2
    There is a horse up for sale. It says: "If not sold SLAUGHTER!" It costs $500. All of your money. What do you do?
    Buy it and nurse it back to health. Then be B.F.F.'s for life!
    Buy it and sell it to someone else.
    Try to get someone else to buy it and nurse it back to health because you don't have the money!
  • 3
    What is 1 of the differences between an English saddle, and a western saddle?
    An English saddle has cup holders!
    A western saddle has a horn. An English saddle doesn't.
    There is no difference.
    There is no rear seat jockey on the western saddle.
  • 4
    What is the part of equipment that goes in the horses mouth?
    The Latigo Keeper.
    The horn.
    The seat jockey
    The bit.
  • 5
    Where is a horses natural habitat?
    At the racing tracks
    In the stables
    In your room
  • 6
    What is the fastest gait from below?
  • 7
    Which one means a full grown female horse?
    A colt
    A Gelding
    A mare
    A Stallion
    A filly
  • 8
    What is dressage?
    When you run fast around barrels on horseback!
    There's no such thing as "Dressage"!
    When you show off your fancy riding skills while wearing fancy outfits, and your horse looks all fancy.
    When you go FAST!
  • 9
    What is vaulting?
    Simply the basics, walking, trotting, turning, circles . . . . etc.
    Basically gymnastics on horses!
    When you go really REALLY fast!
    Extreme JUMPING!
  • 10
    What is posting?
    When you race around poles, to see who gets the best time.
    When the rider rises up or down with the beat or rhythm of a trot/canter.
    When you go in circles really REALLY fast!
    When you tie up your horse to a post.
  • 11
    What should you do when your horse starts trotting, cantering, or galloping when it is supposed to be walking. You have told it to stop, it won't stop! What do you do?
    Jump off!
    Pull it's head to it's shoulder.
    Smack it in the face and say "Get control over yourself!"
  • 12
    Let's say there's a deer/car coming near your horse really really fast! You are positive that it's going to get spooked! What do you do?
    Turn the horse the other way, and RIDE LIKE THE WIND!
    Dismount immediately! But don't let go of the reins, or it could run away!
    Get off and let go of the reins! You don't want to get too close, or you could get hurt!
    Get off and hold it's face, so it's looking at you, and doesn't look at the up-coming deer/car!
  • 13
    What is barrel racing?
    When a lot of people race toward barrels with their horses, and try to knock their barrel down first.
    When you race around a lot of barrels and try to get a good time!
    When your horse jumps over a lot of barrels.
  • 14
    What is Tangoing?
    When you get on the back of a wild horse, and see how long you can stay on!
    It's dance, but on horses!
    When you and your horse look fancy, and go over several jumps smoothly, and gracefully!
    Doesn't exist.
  • 15
    What is "The Kentucky Derby"?
    A series of SUPER high jumps!
    Duh! Only the biggest horse race, like, EVER!
    A horse race for children between the ages of 5 + 12.
    When the horses race for a mile around poles!

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