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  • 1
    Chose the correct answer.
    DNA is a structure looks like tightly wound rubber band and made up of nitrogen bases, phosphate and sugar.
    The first phase of mitosis is placing chromosomes to middle of the cell.
    Mitosis is the process of cell dividing into two identical cells.
  • 2
    What is asexual reproduction?
    Asexual reproduction is reproduction without sex, but reproduce by seeds.
    Asexual reproduction is mitosis and meiosis.
    Asexual reproduction is reproduction without sex, but reproduce by roots, stems or budding etc.
  • 3
    Chose correct answer
    In eukaryotes, the chromosomes replicate in meiosis.
    In prokaryotes, the chromosomes replicate in a similar process called binary fission.
    Only plants can asexually reproduce by a process called budding.
  • 4
    How did ancient Greek people believed about giving birth of the babies?
    Aristotle thought that the child got both their looks and material from mother.
    Aristotle thought that the children got all their looks from their mother, while the father only provided the material from which the baby was made.
    Hippocrates believed that the way a child resembled his or her parents is by the fluids made by both parents.
  • 5
    What is difference between mitosis and meiosis?
    Mitosis is the process of dividing into 2 identical cells, however, meiosis is the process of dividing into four identical cells.
    Every single processes are completely different.
    Cells provided after mitosis have 46 chromosomes, but cells provided after meiosis have only 23 chromosomes.
  • 6
    How many genes to human have?
  • 7
    Chose correctly matched nitrogen bases.
    Guanine and Cytosine
    Thymine and Cytosine
    Adenine and Cytosine
  • 8
    Chose wrong answer.
    When X sperm fertilizes egg, boy forms.
    Humans have three types of chromosomes, X, Y and Z
    Chromosome is made up of chromatics and Centro mere.
  • 9
    What is the disadvantage of asexual reproduction?
    If parents have problems with their genes, those genes will pass down to their offspring.
    Asexual reproduction takes long time.
    Offspring will cannot reproduce.
  • 10
    What is prokaryotes?
    Organisms which have cell walls.
    Organisms which have nucleus.
    Organisms without nucleus.
  • 11
    What does backbone made up of?
    Phosphate and sugar.
    Phosphate and nitrogen bases.
    Phosphate, sugar and nitrogen bases.
  • 12
    What is similarity between mitosis and meiosis?
    First few steps are equal.
    Both are part of cell cycle.
    Both mitosis and meiosis are process of cell dividing into identical cells.
  • 13
    What is Turner's syndrome?
    People who have 3 or more chromosomes.
    People who have 2 or more X chromosomes.
    People who have 2 or more Y chromosomes.
  • 14
    Chose correct answer.
    Eggs have only X chromosomes.
    Sperms have only Y chromosomes.
    Eggs have both X and Y chromosomes.
  • 15
    Chose correct answer that fits into the blank.

    Mitosis is part of one part of ____. However, meiosis cannot considered as a part of cell cycle. It is because meiosis is ____ process.
    Meiosis, complicated
    Meiosis, one way
    Cell cycle, one way

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