Which Faerie Prince is Yours?

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Wondering what type of Faerie the prince of your dreams is? Find out here!

  • 1
    Is he handsome?
    Well, if a scowl and a sulk is attractive...yes.
    Yes, in a 'button down shirt' way. So neat.
    Oh! Like my own personal sun--all bright and tan!
    Like a starlit night, so mysterious...so sinister...
  • 2
    How does he act around you?
    It depends on his mood--from day to night.
    He's such a gloomy person, always down.
    Calm, peaceful and so formal!
    Bright and bubbly! Very active--um, all the time...
  • 3
    How is your physical relationship? Good?
    He not interested at all...sigh...
    He's very into the physical part but will stop if I say 'no'
    It depends, sometimes he's cuddly other times he can't bear to have me touch him
    Not until marriage, and I quote
  • 4
    Is he interested physically?
    Not till marriage.
    Sometimes he can't keep his hands off!
    Yes...at times...
    Not interested. AT ALL.
  • 5
    Is he into your feelings?
    He is willing to break bones for me!
    He told me once 'you know, I really don't give a shit'
    He cares about my feelings but is confused if I get 'too emotional'
    Actually, it's more like 'friend/friend' than 'boy/girl'
  • 6
    What's his social type?
    He has acquaintances but no BFF's
    He is sometimes with a group or with me or alone...
    He is a longer...so like only associating with me.
    He's always with friends--mine or his; he doesn't care.
  • 7
    How is his family relationship?
    Religiously obsessed with them.
    He talks fondly of them.
    He says he wishes they were dead.
    He doesn't talk about them.
  • 8
    How much do you talk?
    Like I said, a physical relationship.
    We don't. Unless he's really, really, really angry.
    Mostly he talks, but only about serious stuff like politics
    I talk, he listens or he talks and I listen. It changes...
  • 9
    What music does he listen to?
    Something with a dance beat--generally LOUD.
    Smooth jazz, classical...
    He doesn't or under suicidal/emo stuff.
    Hard rock or metal.
  • 10
    Has he told you he loves you?
    How about 'Why won't you fuck off!' Is that a declaration of love?
    Does 'I'm looking forward to spending my life with you' count?
    Only in really romantic or emotional moments.
    All the time, it gets a little repetitive.
  • 11
    Does he dance with you?
  • 12
    If so, how?
    Formally, just hands on shoulders...
    Sometimes really closely or R-rated style...
    He doesn't...dance.
    Wildly, like a crazy person!
  • 13
    Does he compliment you?
  • 14
    Is he romantic?
    Um...does sex count?
    Once he smiled at me.
    Yes... candle lit dinner, roses, a walk in the moonlight..
    He said 'I'm glad you're happy, it makes me happy'?
  • 15
    Is he religious?
    Yes, he's very devote.
    Does 'Thank God, I won the game! Whoo-hooo!' count?
    More or less--he doesn't care too much.
    He's in denial.
  • 16
    What's his personality like?
    He can be very dark or sinister yet so sensual and understanding...
    Energetic, fiery, quick tempered and physical--he talks with his hands.
    Calm, tranquil--even indifferent--but very rigid.
    A regular pessimist. So melodramatic. And bitter.
  • 17
    What's his favorite season?
    He doesn't care, as long as it's night.
    Summer! Or spring...
  • 18
    Last one... Does appreciate you?
    Well, he uses protection...
    When he's with me he smiles at me and only at me, he let's me be ME! Even if I act crazy or stupid.
    He prefers to let me be or just do things his way.
    Restraining orders are appreciation, right?

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