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Yes, Hanson, got a problem? Tests your knowledge on this amazing band, and also learn about them now. Maybe you used to be a fan back in '97 or '00 and grew out of it. If so, then check them out and learn their newer music and what they have been doing the past couple years, you will be blown away.

  • 1
    Who are they?
    Who are they?
    Three men who are brothers in a band, Hanson
    The blonde chicks
    Boys who sing a song called MMMBop
  • 2
    Where are they from?
    Tulsa, OK, USA
    Oklahoma City, OK, USA
    Topeka, KS, USA
    New York City, NY, USA
    London, England
  • 3
    Which brother is this? (full name)
    Which brother is this? (full name)
    Jordan Clark Hanson
    Isaac Jordan Hanson
    Clarke Isaac Hanson
    Isaac Greyson Hanson
    Isaac Walker Hanson
  • 4
    When & where was he born?
    October 23rd, 1980, Santiago, Chile
    November 17th, 1980, Tulsa, OK
    October 19th, 1982, Jenks, OK
    November 29th, 1983, Jenks, OK
  • 5
    What about him?
    What about him?
    Peter Jordan Hanson
    Zachary Walker Hanson
    Zackery Joshua Hanson
    Jack Mackenzie Hanson
    Mac Clarke Hanson
  • 6
    When and where was he born?
    October 22nd, 1985, Arlington, VA
    June 5th, 1984, Jenks, OK
    June 3rd, 1984, Independence, VA
    March 20th, 1985, Independence, VA
    November 17th, 1986, Independence, VA
  • 7
    This guy?
    This guy?
    Samuel Jordan Hanson
    Tyler Wayne Hanson
    Joshua Taylor-Lee Hanson
    Jordan Taylor Hanson
    Taylor Clarke Hanson
  • 8
    March 14th, 1983, Jenks, OK
    March 15th, 1983, Jenks, OK
    March 20th, 1983, Jenks, OK
    March 13th, 1983, Jenks, OK
    March 17th, 1983, Jenks, OK
  • 9
    Those were easy. Let's go up a level!
    What is there record label's name, that they formed on their own? And what does it stand for?
    3CG Records. Doesn't stand for anything
    3GC Records. 3 Guys of Contrast
    3CG Records. 3 Car Garage.
    They don't have their own and they are on Island Def/Jam
    3C Studios. 3 Craftsmen
  • 10
    What have they been doing before each concert with their fans for over a year now?
    What have they been doing before each concert with their fans for over a year now?
    Back stage passes
    Walking a one-mile bare-foot walk
    Singing acoustic songs until everyone gets there
    Walking around the venue to show what everything looks like
  • 11
    What's the point of the walks?
    Hanson wants to help get everyone fit and every show 10 dollars are donated to help
    To spend time with fans
    Every person who walks a mile, Hanson donates a dollar to Africa to fight HIV / AIDS and Poverty
    To help save trees in China
    To show how easy it is to walk somewhere and reduce fuel use
  • 12
    Random... Who are their wives?
    Random... Who are their wives?
    Walker: Lucy, Clark: Madeline, Jordan: Lulla Belle
    Zac: Kate, Taylor: Natalie, Isaac: Nikki
    They are not married
    Isaac: Georgia, Taylor: Jessica, Zac: None
  • 13
    What was Hanson's first self-released album?
    Middle Of Nowhere
    The Walk
  • 14
    "There was a boy he was lame, he had a limp in his leg...
    ...isn't strange how we're all just a little bit weird sometimes?"
    ..People looked at him with a frown, he said why do you put me down?"
    ...until I saw you in the corner of my eye..." there anyone who could love a lonely boy"
  • 15
    What are TOMS shoes?
    Hanson put out. It means "To Our Music Saviors"
    Hanson made a shoe company for orphans in India
    Hanson donates shoes to people in homes who want nicer ones
    Hanson teamed with TOMS and every fan who buys a pair, another is donated to a child in Africa who doesn't have any
  • 16
    Did they ever write any books?
    Did they ever write any books?
    Yes, Taylor wrote a book about his family only available to 50 fan-club members chosen randomly
    Yes, Taylor wrote "Take The Walk" which explains a lot of things they've been doing
    Yes, Isaac wrote a SCI-FI book a while ago...
    No, but people wrote about them
  • 17
    Isaac, the oldest, had a problem with something twice and almost died =[. What was it?
    Isaac, the oldest, had a problem with something twice and almost died =[. What was it?
    He had a Pulmonary Embolism in his right arm from playing guitar. He had to have surgery
    He never has anything wrong, he's perfect =]
    He had a heart attack
    He got in a problem with Zac acting weird and they got in a couple fights. Zac soon pulled out his drumsticks and poked him... stabbing...
    He had a blood clot in his finger
  • 18
    Hanson has been nominated...
    ...3 Golden Globes
    ...3 Tonies
    ...3 Oscars
    ...3 Grammies
  • 19
    In 1997, Taylor was only fourteen but one an award in England for...
    In 1997, Taylor was only fourteen but one an award in England for...
    Best Hair
    Most Fanciable Male of 1997
    Girliest Male of 1997
    Most Albums Sold
    Cutest Celebrity
  • 20
    Where did the first album released off 3CG, Underneath, reach on the charts?
    Where did the first album released off 3CG, Underneath, reach on the charts?
    #3 Top 200
    #99 Top 100
    #4 on Independent Releases
    #1 on Top 100 Independently Released, and 25 on Top 200
    #158 on Top 200
  • 21
    How many miles has Hanson walked already? (and fans)
    Over 15,000
  • 22
    How many miles are planned?
    24,902, Around the World
  • 23
    How many shoes have been donated?
    About 19,494
    Over 50,000
    About 2,490
  • 24
    How did the shoes get to the children?
    How did the shoes get to the children?
    On Christmas, Hanson went and surprised them with them and left
    The shoes were sent of a plane and dropped of from the sky
    Hanson went to Soweto, South Africa and put shoes on the children's feet
  • 25
    Fans fill out a card after the walks. They choose one of 5 causes and pick the one they want. Whatever they pick, Hanson's dollar goes to it. What are they?
    SMS Docvia for Pregnant Women so AIDS isn't passed on, Research, Shoes, Drilling a well, and building a school
    Houses, trees, paved roads, money, and music
    Planting a tree, toys, food, fuel, and water
  • 26
    What is their newest album?
    The Walk
    Break town
    Been There Before
  • 27
    How many studio albums are there?
    4 soon 5
  • 28
    What year did Hanson start the idea of helping Africa?
  • 29
    Who did they have visits with?
    No one
    Chris Zeuthufer and Noahs Roberts
    Oprah and Nolin Collins
    Christina Michaud and Emma Yatchs
    Donald Trump and Oprah
  • 30
    Lastly, Hanson came out...
    Lastly, Hanson came out...

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