Disciplining Your Children

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How do you discipline your children? Are you a harsh parent and spank them when they do wrong? Are you a smart parent and make them understand what they're doing is wrong while taking privileges away from them? Or are you one of those lazy parents who doesn't care about their children and doesn't care no matter what stunt they pull?

  • 1
    If your daughter snuck out at night what disciplinary action would you use?
    Grab her dad's belt and spank her with it
    Don't say anything about it because she you know she does that all the time and always comes home ok
    Ground her for a month and tell her that she scared you terribly and to never do that again
  • 2
    If your son said he was going to his friends house but secretly he went to a bonfire in the middle of the woods and got drunk what would you do?
    Make him take his pants off and grab the nearest hair brush to spank him
    Ground him and tell him he can't go anywhere besides school for a long time
    Pretend like he never lied
  • 3
    Your son and daughter are playing a board game together and when your son starts losing and decides to slap your daughter across the face, what do you do?
    Make him apologize to his sister, stop playing the board game, and tell him that hitting is wrong, then give him a timeout
    Say boys will be boys
    Yank him up by the arm, slap his face and say it's karma, then give him a spanking
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    If your little girl decides to sneak a piece of candy when you specifically told her not to what do you do?
    Tell her to give you back the candy, say she was wrong to disobey you, and set her in timeout
    Spank her rear end with a wooden spoon till she cries
    Say do you want another piece?
  • 5
    When you hire a babysitter how do you want them to handle your children when and if they disobey?
    Say they can do whatever you honestly don't care
    Tell them the farthest they can go is setting your kid in timeout but they have to make sure they get an apology out your kid
    Tell them they can spank them with just about anything in the house
  • 6
    If they brought spanking back in schools what would you think?
    Scream no because it will ruin your whole plan on how to discipline your children
    Say who cares?
    Say that's what you've been waiting for
  • 7
    If someone spanked your kid what would you do?
    Yell at them till your face is red
    Say a job well done
    Not care
  • 8
    What is your opinion on spanking?
    It's the worst discipline there is
    It's the best discipline there is
    I don't use it because I don't discipline
  • 9
    Were you spanked as a child?
    Yes and I've benefited from it and it's also made me a better person
    No, my parents didn't pay me much attention
    No because my parents didn't believe it
  • 10
    Do you think kids benefit from being spanked?
    I don't know because I don't discipline and was never disciplined
    Yes it lets them know that they will have an immediate consequence after a bad action
    No because all it does is cause pain and fear talking and taking privileges away are the way to go

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Oreo lover with milk ( 11.48 )
Posted 103 days ago
Butt spanking is gross. I don't know why anyone would do it. And that is coming from a kid.
jaylen ( 3.171 )
Posted 269 days ago
They sayed i should stop spanking but im still going to do it any way