Which one of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants girls are you like?

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OK BE HONEST or the answer won’t really mean anything! You could get Lena, Bridget, and Carmen, OR Tibby. They're ALL good!

  • 1
    If you went on Vacation you would go
    Vacation? You never get to go on vacations. You WISH you could but instead you’re staying at home- earning money from your job.
    To the land your family came from such as Italy, Ireland, Greece, Africa, China, etc.
    Hit the road with all of your friends. And go take a ROAD TRIP across the country!
    Visit your distant relatives or relatives
    To an active camp that features the sport you LOVE most- you just CAN’T sit still!
  • 2
    You consider yourself to be:
    EVERYTHING! You just can’t decide – your pretty good at anything you try. But also have endless faults.
    Sometimes selfish of other people’s love, good at school, and mixed up of lots of different things, You also have had your fair share of troubles.
    Bold, Brave, Spontaneous, Sporty
    Shy, Beautiful, and Artistic
    Rebellious, Unwilling to get rid of things or say good-bye to something, and your mood changes constantly or your mind.
  • 3
    Your favorite color is…
    An unique color that’s true to you like Purple or Aqua- whatever goes with your personality
    An Energetic color like Yellow or Orange
    A pretty soft shade of possibly light blue or rose
    A saucy spicy color or a definitely different color like Red or Hot Pink
    A color that GRABS your eyes like Lime Green or Neon shades
  • 4
    The Worst thing that’s ever happened to you is…
    Your beloved pet died, your moving, - or you never got the chance to meet a family member before they passed away. A lot of the normal BAD things that happen to people. You know everyone goes through this so you keep up your smile.
    Your parents have split up- both have remarried (or not) even though it’s hard for you they seem to be getting new lives.
    You’ve lost someone you REALLY, REALLY care about
    You knew someone AMAZING that got cancer and... It hurt to see her suffer. OR your parents have paid very little attention to you over the years and seem to care more about your siblings or Work.
    You’ve had lots of bad things. That’s who you are! One moment your on top of the world! The next you’ve hit rock bottom.
  • 5
    What’s your view on life?
    You dive right into everything with no second thoughts. Sometimes this can be reckless behavior but you usually end up on top. You strive to get whatever you set your eyes on and work hard until you get it.
    You tend to be a bit more cautious because boys tend to want to take advantage of you – you’re so pretty. But also you a quiet type and your happy about it!
    Life is….. Life. It’s hard to explain. You’re ultra- popular and love life. Sometimes you can hate it though….. basically you live then you die then maybe go to heaven…… hmmm
    You feel unloved at points. And that there’s two sides of you- a good side and a bad side. You have a good work- ethic and are generous with your time. Friends are the WORLD to you! But family is still more important!
    Sometimes you’re scared of time flying by but you just want it to fly by! You’re familiar with losing something and believe in fresh starts. In the end the people you care about play important roles in your life
  • 6
    Your favorite thing to do is…
    Making Movies!
    Whatever appeals to you…?
    Sports of all sorts
  • 7
    How often do you lie? You better not be lying on this test!
    Basically never- I’ve never had to! well... except about small things like age
    You lie about how you feel not to others but you do often lie to yourself.
    All the time. I have to save my butt a lot!
    Only if I have to do it to get something I REALLY, REALLY need.
    Lying? Oh! OK it’s bad but EVERYONE lies! Right?
  • 8
    What’s one thing you need to work on.?
    I need to be more understanding of others and less skeptical- I don’t know what they’re thinking.
    I need to have a stronger self assurance and independence
    I need to control my urges and think before I act.
    I need to accept what I feel more often and do what’s right BEFORE I make a mistake.
    I would like to think of myself as perfect but I guess I should stop getting so stressed about little things!
  • 9
    What’s your favorite animal?
    Something that’s loyal and that will love you no matter what like a dog
    Something that’s Wild and outrageous like a Jaguar.
    I LOVE animals! I like tigers and Dolphins and Ferrets, any animal that’s ultra- cute!
    Something cute and cuddly like a panda Bear!
    Something that you’ve been familiar with for a long time like a beloved pet hamster…
  • 10
    You normally wear…
    You wear whatever you feel like whether you want to look hot or just don’t care on an average day.
    You take pride in your appearance and love keeping up with the latest fashion!
    Your wardrobe varies but everything looks Super cool on you!
    You like dressing down a bit because you don’t want to STAND OUT!
    You throw on the first thing that comes to mind. You don’t care but you always have cute clothes that look super on you.
  • 11
    You have a crush on…
    Your friend’s good- looking older brother- or some random people you see. Or even one of your “guy friends” Whoever seems attractive and sweet.
    A jock that you barely know but he’s SUCH a hunk- you can eventually get to know him better.
    Someone you can talk to like a real friend, it doesn’t hurt to be cute either!
    A hot guy who is very patient and calm. Your parents love him so much- he’s very charming
    A geek that loves you for who you are. Eventually he’ll be cute and you’ll have the envy of all the girls at school!

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