Which Prophecy Cat Are You?

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Four cats were picked to go on the Journey in "Midnight". Six went, though. Which chosen one are you most like?

  • 1
    Your friend snagged her claw in a cleft of ferns on a ledge. What do you do?
    Look back to see if she's alright but keep moving ahead.
    Help her and see if she can keep moving.
    Of course I'd help! I'd also convince others, too!
    Look and see how she is. Quickly help but keep going forward.
  • 2
    You trip and twist your paw. No one seems to have noticed, though. What do you say?
    Snort at the rudeness and struggle to limp ahead.
    Cry out "Help!" and fall weakly.
    Groan wearily and limp to your paws. Got to keep moving!
    "Hello? Someone help me!"
  • 3
    What are you most like in the journey?
    A natural leader!
    A follower, kind and obedient.
    A loner.. you fend for yourself
    You are part loner and part follower. You don't fully respect the leader, but you obey.
  • 4
    You catch a mouse and as you start to eat see a sick cat with you on the journey who looks hungry.
    Is it so bad that I need to share?
    After being bullied and tormented in to it, warily give your prey away and grumble about catching a new piece.
    Offer to share. There are plenty of mice!
    Prod at your crush/best friend to give up theirs for the sick cat,
  • 5
    You are with the Tribe of Rushing Water when you find out that the prophecy they had was about your best friend! They must die to fulfill it. What do you do?
    No! Not my sister!
    No! Not him! It can't be!
    I don't HAVE a best friend!
    His safety is more important than mine. I will die for him!
  • 6
    The prophecy from Question 5 was fulfilled but your friend died. What will you do now?
    Take charge to make up for their death.
    "No! Why did it have to be her? Why?"
    "*choke;sputter* Ack!"
    Don't speak for a while and only mumble small sentences.
  • 7
    You have just given the Clans the news. What do you say when they refuse to leave?
    "We must go!"
    "We need to go. They're right!"
    *choke;sputter* Ack! *is dead*
    "Leave! We'll all die!" and glare at everyone.
  • 8
    Who do you tend to hang out with during the Great Journey?
    Brambleclaw, Rowanclaw, Goldenflower... my close friends and family
    Feathertail... or maybe Leafpool. She's pretty.
    Still dead... Can't you take a hint? But I would hang out with Crowpaw...
    Tawnypelt, Hawkfrost, Goldenflower...
  • 9
    Where do your loyalties lie?
    Those I care about... and RiverClan and ThunderClan sort of.... *heart*
    ShadowClan and ShadowClan alone!
    The ones I love the most!
    Clan, but my kin are so important, too....
  • 10
    At the end of the great journey, you say what to the others?
    "May StarClan light your path"
    "I wish Feathertail were here to see us now"
    From StarClan, I would say "I am always with you"
    "Goodbye, Brambleclaw!"
  • 11
    You are most interested in the history of:
    Tigerstar and Hawkfrost
    My hottie, Rowanclaw *hearts* and StarClan...
    I'm learning about my mother as I share tongues with her
    How she's doing right now.... *sighs*
  • 12
    If you as a warrior cat could read, what book would you most be interested in?
    Let's see.... I'd read Warrior Cats: Moonrise. I rock! Or Warrior Cats: Twilight....
    I think I'd read Sunwing or one of Oppel's books!
    Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.. so romantic!
    Star Wars!
  • 13
    What did you think of this quiz?
    I think it was rather unique and interesting.
    Great, but I have to go. I'm on dawn patrol tomorrow!
    Cool. Now, can I sneak off? Good!
    Awesome! But why am I STILL dead? I think it was pretty cool:-)
  • 14
    Are you a tom or a she-cat?

    PS: You don't have to pick your real gender. Pick what best suits you!
    She-cat (Caring and Kind)
    Tom (Quiet and Withdrawn)
    Tom (Brave and Loyal)
    She-cat (Daring and Brave)
  • 15
    Which Clan are you from?

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