Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?

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Unidentified (14306)
306 days ago
So, there is this guy. I have known him all my life. I wouldn't say we were friends. We were all ways fighting or arguing about something stupid. We would always tease each other and laugh when the other fails at something. Just recently in our holidays I added him on snapchat then he added me back. Then we started talking everyday. On the secound day I randomly asked him who he liked at school. I actually thought he liked my best friend. Until he replied and said he liked me. I was so shocked. I didn't actually think he would reply with an honest answer. Anyway I said I needed time to think. We still talk to each other everyday. I don't know if I like him. My emotions are very mixed up. But school is coming very soon. I've got 2 days and I am so scared of what will happen.
idk (53136)
310 days ago
honestly i do like him but im scared to love bcuz if i like someone that person will never like me,but this guy he always well not always but sometimes he twases me and im fallong for him wich is scary,bcuz like i wrote it always goes downhill but i have a weird feeling he might like me bcuz i also cought him staring at me
Jessie (29204)
312 days ago
when the result said 'Whoa chill girl! You don't even like him, so why bothering taking this test?' i got serious goosebumps.
She is GOOD
Milan (74499)
326 days ago
So..... I have a love complex. First off, I have never. like ever spoke to this guy before but I feel soo drawn to him. Guess I have a crush. I am 17 in college and he's probably 18-19-20 the most. The first thing I noticed about him was his hair, he was just casually strolling unto the bus and I felt everything around me blurred. He has bronze curly hair and some falls over his eyes. He sat and I just stared. Then a few more days I noted that he always dress nice, in hoodies he literally makes me melt. On the bus he always plays with his hair. When he's walking he keeps one hand in his pocket with his head tilted up a bit. He's handsome but its the little things that pulls me in. The sad part is he probably doesn't even notice me, I mean I was lucky to have even learnt his name. He was in the school computer lab and everyone has to leave their ID's on the table. So when I walked in to put mine, I saw his and stole a quick glance at it
I believe his name is "Jezzer" and Joseph is prob. his last or middle name. So I was glad I could finally put a name to his face.

I like him,. I've established that, I'm not obsessed, I just appreciate little details about a person.

I'm to scared to have a random conversation, I wished he just had one class with me. I don't know if he has a girlfriend but the girls I usually see with him is like his bus buddy, or "hey we just had a class together so let's walk to the stop together " type of thing. nothing to solidify my suspicion

Any way, I just wish that I could get the chance to find out why his presence intrigues me so much.
Chloe (36230)
326 days ago
I don't know. He likes someone else. One minute I'm over him, next min I like him. I hate that I feel like this.... Help?
Nobody will know (04319)
328 days ago
I liked a popular boy at my school, but it is hard to talk to him. He likes some other popular girl though. I feel like I still have feelings for him though he does not know it.
Ash (65846)
332 days ago
uh... I liked this guy in 5th grade and when we left primary school to go into middle school he went to a different school... then suddenly he moved to my school and I'm so confused if I still like him or not...
Alia (98670)
336 days ago
I like this by in year 9 and I'm in year 8. He's name is masud. Some I ask myself why I like him cause my friends think he is anig jerk.
Janya (53688)
347 days ago
This is a good quiz
Molly (02985)
350 days ago
OK so this guy like she me (and I know that for sure) but I'm going Back and forth between thinking I like him . i can sometime just not get him out of my head and my friends all think I don't like him(except 1) . I know for sure that I don't just like home beacause of his looks(no offence) but I'm not sure if I really just want to become better friends with him. One major problem though is he is shorter than me by like heaps(and I'm not that tall) and that kind of Anyoys me but still. He has this Scottish accent that is really strong and plays the bagpipes (which I can't stand the sound of) but the accent doesn't really anoye me at all. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!
layla (05663)
352 days ago
i like like a boy name angel. my friends told meh he liked me first semester but didn't like me anymore. i begged him to tell me who he likes and he said my best friend miah 1% . he asked meh who i like but i didn't tell him he makes meh smile and laugh when i down and he always says to meh "who can get mad at that face" one time i drew on his face i said "who can get mad at this face" we both started to laugh but i know i would have a chance with him my best friend miah likes him 90% what do i do :(
Michelle (67434)
353 days ago
So I told this boy that I liked him and when I was done saying that I ran away. The next day my friends said to me that he really likes me as a friend
tara (47371)
356 days ago
so i like a boy and he us sweet and he said i dont hate anyone i just dont want to start something and then hurt you i care about you what dose that mean can i get some hellp on it.his name is conner washbern and i like him hellp :!
Cheryl (12192)
358 days ago
So there's this guys. I'm super confuse if I like him or nah. Whenever I see him, I like him. I know that bcs i got butterflies and ya know, stuffs like that. But whenever he's not around, i dont really gives a 💗 about him. So do I like him or no? Please help me...
mia (68118)
361 days ago
so I told the guy I like ( nathan) that i like him. (he is my bestfriend but he has a gf) and i really want to tell him this and i dont know if i should ...

When i first met you i knew that i would like you but i dont like you for your "good looks". I like you because of the way you end up making me smile or laugh l. I absolutely love your laugh. I love the way your eyes light up when ever you find something funny or when you arw happy. I love how you get excited about the smallest and strangest things. I love how you like the same music as me. I love how you make me happy. I love how you actually listen to me when ever i talk to you.I love your crooked teeth. I love your smile. I love your blue eyes. U love how your face gets red when youve been laughing hard. I love how you dont think im strange or weird. I love your voice. I love your laugh(i know ive already said it but i feel lik it needs to be recognized that i love it) i love your hair i love your sense of humor and the jokes that you tell which are so dumb theyre funny.
But you couldnt take a hint if it hit you in the face. You are so blind that you didnt see that someone liked you way before you started dating her
Briana (51796)
362 days ago
He liked me when I was in a relationship but know I not and I like him so much but he doesn't know
saniya (24127)
365 days ago
idk what to say. he was my ex, he stares at me for like so long, purposely bumps into me, idk if its only him or its me too.
My name (19471)
384 days ago
I like him
He likes me as a friend
He's probably my cousin
He probably knows i like him
We both keep our cool
He said my name I looked away and blushed
He backed off
We ain't friends yet
We don't talk
We have a bond
Sad but lol
Catalina (70062)
384 days ago
I sue like him and you can tell? O.o THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO I ONLY SEE HIM ONCE A WEEK ON SUNDAYS... any suggestions? xD
*VALENTINA* (18356)
386 days ago
Lol!seriously dat is so hilarious