Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?

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Michelle (43965)
17 days ago
Omg 😲 I don’t know what to say

so I like him
Anon (43014)
19 days ago
I can't tell if I like him or not! I think he likes me, but I really cant tell if I like him. I think I'm just scared of having a relationship(never had one before), and I'm scared of what other people will think.
BSN😀 (73614)
20 days ago
I hope one day I could tell my crush how I feel.
Blossom (83178)
21 days ago
There's this guy new at my school he tries to impress .every time I look at him he looks away and once I smiled at him he smiled back at me !!!!!!!
To Bella (93131)
21 days ago
Hey sorry I don’t think he likes you. Guys who are normal don’t like telling their crushes, forget the TOP 3! Sorry tho
Annonymus (93131)
21 days ago
Ok I know I spelt my name wrong but whatevs. I DO NOT like him. He bullies me. And ur quiz told me I love him like hell! Pls change this/fix this
Bella (28880)
21 days ago
Ok so i have taken quizzes to see if this guy likes me cause i have asked him who he likes of his top 3 for all the things he likes, and now i am getting suspicious cause he wont tell!!! what do you guys think
Amy (29057)
24 days ago
So there's this guy at my school and we hardly speak but lately he's started coming up to me and joking with me, and he asked if I'd go out with him, but I don't know if he's serious, he could just be messing with me, but now I have this problem, I don't even know if I like him.
Marjoleine (84342)
25 days ago
I hate it because he and I don't talk a lot but I've loved him ever since I laid eyes on him so well. I've had boyfriends in that time but I didn't love them enough, they were distraction. (Ikr I'm evil) I needed to get my head off him because he just doesn't like me, I know that. He's perfect for me cuz he's my type! His eyes are beautiful and he's tall and smart. He's funny although he doesnt talk much. I want to give up but I dont let myself for some reason. Next year we'll both go to different schools so I wont see him again. Ugh, I just had to get this off my chest.
Kyra (96986)
25 days ago
Dear heart, why him? Do I really LOVE him? Cuz I've known him forever... do I do! He IS my best friend!
I think I might love him (49813)
28 days ago
I like this boy in my grade. Im in grade 8 and ive liked him since grade 5 February. Its been 3 years and when my friends ask me who i like i say no one cause i dont want to be judged.
Hopeless Romantic (54932)
29 days ago
I love him. Now what am I supposed to do.
OOF (70476)
29 days ago
Now I love him for ever he is so cute and nice so what should I do
lonelylittlebird (46300)
30 days ago
well i mean im not sure if this is accurate cuz it says i like him but i know i dont and i dont want to but ugh...
I like someone (20015)
30 days ago
I love this boy called Alfie he is not in the same class as me but we used to go out last year it was amazing I still have feelings for him but he has feeling for my best friend ... what do i do ?
I_love_DolphFINs (82500)
31 days ago
I like thing by but I don't know because he is sometimes really rude to me??? Help me!!!
helppppp (59691)
32 days ago
hes the best thing thats ever happened and we both like each other, we have had a long snog but what do i do x
Helpppp (93972)
32 days ago
I don't like him. I loved him last year... and he knew... he didn't do anything, he likes me, his friends told me, but I don't wanna start anything. He's leaving for high school next year and I'll be stuck in gr.8 but I can't like him.......... well he's munch best friends triplet😭
Helpppp (93972)
32 days ago
He's my age, hot and nice... but I've heard things like "he's a player" and "he's rude" but he's not like that to me. Does he even know I'm older than him?uhgggg help please 😾 (37727)
34 days ago
He is caring ,texting and calling every day checking how am doing