Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?

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Kawii Chan (87857)
32 days ago
Omg! He texted me saying........... HI GIRL WANNA GO OU..... T? If u dont wanna uh.... well i just thought I'd ask.,.,..... bye?
Kristen (73678)
33 days ago
Ok, so I like this guy named Tony. I didn't like him at first but then we started ending up in a close friendship. (This was during a play I was in) But when it was over, we separated. I still have some friendship in us but he has a ''girl friend''. Plz give me some tips on what 2 do now. :(
Anonymous (43497)
33 days ago
Um hi i just rly need advice i like this guy bet we barely talk but when our eyes we just kind of stare for a few sec. And acts like nothing happened im scared that he might reject me if u ask him out
Fail (33171)
35 days ago
I told one gut that I like him. He rejected me. Since then he looks at me. Today I took a picture, to sent it to my friend in snap. I caught him staring at me in that picture. I feel cringe. Now I feel like I hate him.
S. (15518)
36 days ago
Great, now I'll just have to avoid him until I stop liking him.
Halie Hill (53611)
36 days ago
This is so helpful I really love this guy and I think he likes me to
What did I do (80505)
36 days ago
One day the guy that I used to like asked me out and I said idk but then he stopped liking me and I liked him so much turns out my best friends is not dating him so but I found someone else and now I am doing a lot better
ahhh (34561)
37 days ago
He's so sweet and polite, but I only realised I like him after he stopped liking me :(
I’m not sure if I’m a single lady (81094)
38 days ago
You love him my heart got up and staerted running
Help??? (45623)
39 days ago
The love heart was supposed to be something like mean or cr*p but it won’t show
Help??? (45623)
39 days ago
I like him but then I don’t like him, there was a drama about him and another person where that person treated him like💗and because he likes her he accepted it. After wards he said he didn’t want to deal with it anymore and they weren’t exactly together so. Then he started liking one of my best friends which was also his best friend and at the same time he liked me as well and couldn’t make up his mind, he then confessed to me but I still don’t know, he also went to the same primary as me and we both liked each other then as well but something went wrong I guess and we didn’t talk to each other. I know this is long and all but I really don’t know.
Lily kowalik (85382)
40 days ago
Maria (31782)
42 days ago
I try to text him on social media and he doesn't even reply i mean he does but its super late
Maria (31782)
42 days ago
Im only 13 too and i like this kid what do i do bc he looks at me and i text him but he doesn'
t really text back but in real life he talks to me. I really like him and I wish he'll tell me so I can know if he likes me back.
Claire (93587)
42 days ago
UUUUGGGHH....I keep taking tests and it keeps telling me I love him. This is so weird because I’m only 13
Liz (01566)
43 days ago
Ella upset (82073)
43 days ago
I love him but he is never at school and apparently hates me HELP
Proud (80460)
44 days ago
He's my best friend. He knows about everything there is to know about me. He can even remember that I HATE the green jolly ranchers. He notices the smallest things about me, and it's like he can read my mind when I'm upset. But, he likes my best friend, even though I hate that, my goal is to make him happy by getting them together
Confused (61636)
48 days ago
So now that I know I like him, does he like me? :(
Positive (83616)
48 days ago