Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?

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xxxAnyaxxx (79806)
61 days ago
So apparently I love a guy name is a secret just in case
Sada (17927)
66 days ago
Just the fact that you took the quiz should tell you, you like him
PStyles (36133)
66 days ago
So, according to this test, I like the guy. In fact, I think I do now. I even confessed to him and did not expect any reply because.. to be honest I was too scared if he would reject me and then we couldn't be good friends either. So, I didn't ask him for a reply. He said that he was 'cool' with me liking him. Every time i see him in class, we smile and have small talk but now I regret telling him. We can't be as close as we were earlier because he knows that I like him and he wouldn't want to tell me anything going on in his life and try to avoid me as much as possible. He also mentioned once, long back, that he can't date anybody because his parents won't allow it. Yet, I told him over phone that I might have feelings for him. He keeps talking about this other girl and I feel a pang of sadness inside me because I know that girl is not me. He also sometimes gives mixed signals. I don't get it. It messes with me so much even though I try my hardest not to think about him and to occupy myself completely. I don't even feel that bad that he doesn't like me. what hurts me is that he likes this other girl. Moreover, his best friend hates me. His best friend would have told him all sorts about me. I feel like he is just pretending to be friends with me because he knows I'm on the sensitive side. It makes me feel pathetic but also makes me feel grateful that he at least still talks to me despite that embarrassing episode of my confession to him. I don't know what to do. :(
PBoss (67340)
75 days ago
I sure like him? Eh. I'm a tomboy so...liking boys-or girls, to be very clear, is not my thing.
Kas (71781)
79 days ago
This is fake I tried all different combos also I did it again with all the I don't really care answers and it still said I like him its all fake
Rawls (16843)
80 days ago
Thanks for the tip, i was so confused if I liked him or not but now I know.
Mila (45061)
83 days ago
I know that I love him I LOVE MY BABY JUSTIN BIEBER
SD samyukhta.. (78856)
86 days ago
Thanks...Now I realised that I love him
BusyBookworm (71242)
87 days ago
hopeless romantic, I believe you're wrong. I like this guy who is in most of my classes but I wasn't sure if I really liked him or was just trying to get back at my ex. Now I know, after reading many guides and a few quizzes, I really do like him. The butterflies, the calm sence of security when I am near him, the heart pounding. I love him and there is nothing you can at to disprove my theory. You are just wasting time being a hater and rude to others, so sit back and CHILL THE F DOWN!
April (19283)
89 days ago
She says I like him! 😫😭noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Nenita (15345)
104 days ago
I wish you could answer in your own way
maya (69525)
104 days ago
okay idk if y'all can help with this but i'm just gonna ask....
there is a guy in my class that i thought liked me bc he was flirting with me and trying to make me laugh so i asked him to dance and he agreed. i was so happy cuz i thought he liked me but my friend told me he didn't and he later confirmed. he said he just wanted to be friends which is fine by me. we talked all summer over text and it was a lot of fun but now that school started we don't have any classes together. he ignores me and i tried to text him but he just read it and didn't respond. i'm not dude what to do anymore and my friends are no help so please please help me!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 MAYA
hopeless romantic (14670)
107 days ago
y'all are talking about whether you like or love the guy, well you know what? Y'ALL ARE A BUNCH OF 10 YEAR OLDS WHO WENT THROUGH POOR PARENTING. what you're experiencing isn't love, it's like a beta version of love. it's mostly comprised of boredom and lust. real love doesn't involve taking tests or asking google. you know it's love the minute you feel it, you don't need a test for that. if you truly loved the guy, you wouldn't be asking google if you loved him or not now would you? i suggest y'all focus on your studies first. a man doesn't like a dumb woman :)
Kira (84925)
109 days ago
Question 8.... How do I know this.... Isn't the quiz supposed to tell me this? I like him, or love him I don't know....
joycee (88664)
114 days ago
so so true 💕😘😊 i love him
Night star mlp (21127)
114 days ago
It's true I LOVE HIM!😍💕💓
Sissy0306 (01344)
116 days ago
There is this boy in a class and I didn't know if i liked him but this quiz said I did...
I am totally confused if he wants to have a relationship or not!
He said i was fine as in pretty.
I don't what to do he smiles at me and is always trying to talk to me.
I always get butterflies in my stomach its crazy I am only 10 and I've ben dating since i was in the 2nd grade......
I don't know if i should tell him. Pray for me plz I'm scaredddd
Dvlpgit (68737)
116 days ago
I dont know if i like him or really like him or it is just because am bored. I've once confessed to him and his response was beyond expectation. Since i thought it wont work the way i wish i started to tidying my feeling up and i guess i did succeed. I could speak up freely whenever my friends asked about who is/was my crush etc even am okay telling it infront of him! That was crazy i know. But deep down my heart i still hoping he would at least give me a chance. I could never be more honest but i am hyped whenever he talks to me like oh 💗 man this is what ive been waiting. But i dont know how to understand me either. I just want to make sure either i like him or not but i just dont know how to! Should i ask him? If it is the best way then it would be the second time i confess to him :/ or i better keep quiet? Man i dont wanna expect anything but i do more than willing to developing this thing if he himself has the hope for me. hehe
Cookie33 (36142)
117 days ago
So I like this one guy... But whenI ended up makings he mistake of telling him, it was via text. Ya. He took like forever to respond and I thought he hated me but he just used laughing emojis. Then we were like really good friends. But since it's summer I haven't seen him so we just talked and he kept asking me questions about himself. I answered, and apparently correctly... He said he likes me too and no one else took the time to notice or remember those things. But we can't find a good time to hang out. And that if I don't hang out with him before school I will just be really nervous to talk in front of other people. But I am hoping we'll grow closer as we help each other with homework after school days. But if we get into a relationship... I don't want others to know. I just... I LOVE him and am scared to see him again and what it'll be like since he still has other crushes and I only like him. I don't want my heart broken and I don't know how to ease into a relationship. I've never kissed or hugged a guy, let alone held their hand. And I'm 14 for crying out loud. I don't know what to do!😢
fatima (12614)
120 days ago
Maybe I'll just change my ways and keep some distance between