Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    Smile at him, and hope he'd seen it
    Who cares?
    Tell all my friends and point at him. Smile a huge smile and make a flirtatious look

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Natalie ( 12539 )
Posted 510 days ago
So I think I like this guy.. BUT I don't want anyone to know because I don't think he likes me back... He keeps giving me mix signals!! Like he would talk to me but I would have no idea how to reply. And he smiles at me but then he starts talking to another girl? Like WHATT
Savannah ( 41214 )
Posted 510 days ago
He is amazing and always there for me
Sawyer ( 29759 )
Posted 513 days ago
this was a huge waste of time. I think I like my best friend but he saved me from committing suicide and idk were just so close so old if I actually like him. He hug and hold hands and 💗 but he's four years older than me.
luvergurl ( 13905 )
Posted 516 days ago
Rockstar_1209 ( 33965 )
Posted 516 days ago
Omg it said I love him all caps and two of these ! Bennyboo i❤️U its so true!!
Stella ( 90236 )
Posted 519 days ago
I need advice, please! I kind of like a guy at school but everyone thinks he is annoying and weird but he is really nice to me. What should I do? And by the way I'm 13!
alan ( 32911 )
Posted 519 days ago
Alan like you Viviana me to
Jenni ( 13017 )
Posted 519 days ago
I like alot got that in the test😍
JamZ ( 27410 )
Posted 519 days ago
it said I liked him which is true but the problems are
1) my best friend likes him
2) we r best friends but he's the biggest player in the school
he told me to tell the guy I like that I like him...but I like HIM
Macaully ( 95495 )
Posted 523 days ago
This is so true, because i do like him soo much
Virgoharleyquinnlover ( 24741 )
Posted 524 days ago
I cant believe this! It said i liked him, but i dont think i do! He likes me (long story short his friend told me, i personally hate them) this is my cup of care for him: \_/ oh look, its empty. U kno how a dude if he likes u hes weirder and meaner? This is my case
I'mstressingout ( 66349 )
Posted 525 days ago
Guys I seriously need your help! I think I might like this one guy a little bit but I feel Like I am refusing to acknowledge that. My bff also likes him even though she said she doesn't I know she stills does so I can't tell her I like him because that will ruin everything! But I don't even thinks eh likes me back! I am avoiding to see if I actually like him or not! Please help me with the truth!
Anon ( 34856 )
Posted 525 days ago
So there is this boy, I don't want to like him but I do. I had a dream that he hugged me but I pushed him off. Now all I can think about is hugging him. How on earth do I stop liking him?!?!
Spencer ( 39438 )
Posted 528 days ago
So i like this really nice boy (his name is ethan ) but im dating someone else (his name is Jackson ) who i like too but i DONT know who i like better and i dont know if i should breakup with jackson to go with ethan... FINALLY i dont know if ethan likes me ... HELP ME S.O.S
CHristina ( 91071 )
Posted 529 days ago
i would say how did u get my number
CHristina ( 91071 )
Posted 529 days ago
for number 1 do both smile at each other and look at each other sometimes
Jess ( 90651 )
Posted 529 days ago
So there was this guy who I like and then he went out with my best friend I kept of hinting her away from him and then they finally broke up. I didn't really like him after that just as a friend then he went out with this other girl. He turned into a right twat and I hated him but then I said something bad about him to a friend and the y told him that I said it. Long story short now he hates me and then I started to get feeling again so I took this year. Apparently I do like him but I'm not sure I do someone plz help I am so confused and depressed.
Someone ( 19160 )
Posted 529 days ago
I didnt think i liked him cause i would keep stoping myself everytime i thought i liked him cause he is my brothers best friend and my best friend really likes him. But the test says i really like him and lately i have been thinking about him a lot. He is shifting in a few months what should I do?
Lucy ( 16950 )
Posted 532 days ago
So this boy lets name him Brad (true story) the quiz says i love him and I do... but he thinks of me as a friend. I have a really long background with him. Lets start, in 6th grade lets be honest he was kinda a nerd that had-dent hit puberty yet, but he was honestly the sweetest person ever and always put a smile on my face. I liked him, he liked me. 5 months into the relationship I got peer pressured every day to break up with him. TBH It was my first real relationship and I really liked him. All my friends started looking down on me you could say for still dating him, so being the 💗 person I am i broke up with him. After that it was kind of awkward and i had another 💗💗relationship after that a year later and left Brads class. It is now 8th grade still a "nerd" not really tho as much and he definitely hit puberty guys... and i see him every day in math and a couple times through out the day. he always says hi to me and smiles and i get butterflies and miss him like hell.he always makes me happy and is so caring, then again he is like that to all the girls (but not an F boy) Idk what to do because I asked my friend to ask Brad if he liked me. He said as friends. I cry myself to sleep every night... do you guys think i like him//love him someone please help me and tell me what to do
Tra la la and fiddle de de ( 22044 )
Posted 533 days ago
Okay so one of my really close guy friends likes me and I know this coz he's started flirting very obviously and he's liked me before but it was only for a short time because my friend that he's liked for like 3 years told him she likes him so obviously he went back to her but he didn't know I knew he liked me then (his friend told me) and I didn't even think about dating him I didn't like him like that, now we've been talking a lot and he's doing the flirting thing and out of nowhere he was like you mean more to me then Jordan ( the girl he liked for 3 years) and now I think I kind of thought myself into liking him by I don't know if I actually do like him like fuuucken hell and I know if I tell him how I feel he will ask me to be his gf straight away and I'm 💗 scared it's just a phase I'm going though. I really don't want to hurt him but I feel different now talking to him then how I did.I've never been in a relationship before and I don't want to date unless I know for certain it's what I want and im just not sure if it's want I want.