Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?

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phoebe (86992)
48 days ago
My case is kinda weird because I just know he exists I don't know his name or anything about thing...and I'm not sure he knows o exist i just see him as hane and im not sure im crushing on him .tho..i just feel he is really good
Megan (13205)
48 days ago
I REALLY like this guy he's with my best friend! Life just doesn't like me! :( :(
Maddie (74190)
48 days ago
I dont want to like him but everyone is trying to get us together and when I think bout him my stomach hurts and I'm just terrified of what will happen. I have never really dated anyone ever and last time I told someone I liked them they ended up dating my best friend. I don't know what to do.😥😓
Lol (58290)
49 days ago
Love hurts 😢❤️
KittyKaja (89760)
49 days ago
I'm obsessed with my boyfriend!! He's got such a cool haircut. Ends of his hair are blond and the rest brown. I don't know how to start talking to him. I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS. Just write what I should say to him. Plzz help. Quick.(his name is Pie)
Ariana (79656)
50 days ago
He doesn't know I like him but I have him for every class
Gabby (70181)
50 days ago
He makes me laugh and he looks at me in class 😊
Kara (81853)
50 days ago
I really like this guy but I took this test for someone else because I get a weird feeling when im around him
Autumn (12412)
50 days ago
I like him so much he isjust a great person in all.
viv (53522)
51 days ago
I like this guy Cuz he's suppoeerr funny and smart but ppl claim he's gay;(
Zendaya Lover (16186)
51 days ago
My crush has a fat pack
Lezi (87608)
52 days ago
So I’m a lesbian?!!???!!?!???!!
Saraphiano (87608)
52 days ago
Umm...I don’t know how I feel...what does this think I need it for!
Ugly (22794)
53 days ago
I’m honestly scared for this because I think I may like my bffs bf. I’ve liked him before but I just don’t know now :/
Nerd (31962)
53 days ago
who knows if things will work out ?
Weirdo (82261)
54 days ago
There's this guy...but he liked my best friend and my best friend liked him. It sucked, but he asked me if I liked him and I told him that I did. He's been really nice to me, but he doesn't like me :(((
Anonn (26717)
54 days ago
Apart from that, i have a super close friend that i've liked for a year+, but he's friend zoned me many times even tho i haven't made a move. (i'm too worried to tbh bc it'll completely change our friendship)
Anonn (26717)
54 days ago
I'm confused because he actually likes me, but i'm starting to think that he's actually cute and nice etc. I can't tell if he only makes me happy bc he likes me (which makes me feel special tbh), or that i'm starting to like him.
55 days ago
I like uzair a lot ... I feel him anywhere around me..I see him in my daydreams... He also likes me a lot but never shows ... I like his smile really very much...I ignore him a bit because sometimes he ignored me & never looked at me....
Anon-ame (Anemone) (78713)
57 days ago
)You sure like him, i can tell"
Well.. I dont really dream about him, i just think about why so
and most of my friends ship us together
but i seem friend-zoned((ecur) so.