Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?

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aaron healy (93173)
94 days ago
any one out ther I what geir farend in derry
aaron healy (93173)
94 days ago
sill looking for geir farend
Anonymous (20868)
96 days ago
Theirs this guy I’ve know my whole life from kindergaten to high school we “dated” in middle school for lil while until it was broken off. I never really talked to him after that, but after 3 years I started to think of him again. I haven’t talked to him either but he just started to come back in my mind and I started to like him but I don’t know if it’s true or not. I want to talk to him but i fell like i shouldn’t since it could be just awkward and he hangs out in a whole different group than I do. And he probably wouldn’t fell the same way can anyone help me please!!!
Lily (11197)
97 days ago
On number 7 it said kill my best friend IM DEAD LMAO
Kitte (27017)
97 days ago
No I can't like him just friends nothing more I can't no!!!!!!!!! We've been friends since kinder garden we've went throu grade school and he left this year I saw him with his friends and now now ick😞 I'm only in 6th grade make it stop MAKE IT STOP ICK ICK ICK
Sariya (97885)
100 days ago
Dang..I like him ..I didnt think I had til now well im not ruining our friendship (we've been friends since kinder) and i didnt think i had feelings til now im gonna feel awkward around him now..unless i just tell him and possobly ruin being best friends
in need of advice (26529)
101 days ago
Hi I took the test it says that I like him which is true but I dont know if he likes me any advice and It is weired we are only 12 and in 7th grade
Mini Becky G (56130)
101 days ago
Plus, he also asked her out but she said no. P.S. now he said that he was gonna commit suicide. Now my friend is worried. What shoud i do? Just put "To Mini Becky G"
Mini Becky G (56130)
101 days ago
I took this quiz pretending to be my best friend cus she didn't have a phone. The reason why i took this test is to see if she likes this boy in our PE class. And lemme just say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a test that you have nothing to do with it cus it's for your friend!! Please make a quiz to know if your friend likes someone!!! PLEASE!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!
(Sorry. I got a little to dramatic at that place) 😂
Confused (00508)
102 days ago
So, there's this guy I really really like but I'm not sure if he likes me back. He sends mixed signals about it though. He:
teases me
touches me (not the dirty way)
is really nice to me
approaches me a lot when we're near each other
apparently talks about me to his friends and his brother
But I'm not really sure if he likes me, especially cuz he keeps on friend zoning me when people pair us together. Maybe he's just shy.
Any advice?
Plus we are just in 7th grade
Scarletfever21 (98215)
106 days ago
We were best friends.we dated. I broke thing off, but why do I still like him!?! Now we are just best friend,but I want more??
Mg_Epic (33469)
107 days ago
No no no! I can't like him! I have a boyfriend! He's only my best friend! He'd never like me like that either! WE'RE. JUST. BEST. FRIENDS. ...Right?
Artsy (27568)
108 days ago
To NatureLover,
Maybe he likes you. Maybe people are bluffing. Best thing to do is ask him. Just start a conversation with him and casually get to asking him.
NatureLover (58563)
108 days ago
Any advice? Just put: To NatureLover. I will be checking back
NatureLover (58563)
108 days ago
Also people are saying he likes me! Ahhhhh!
NatureLover (58563)
108 days ago
Um so my first crush. Ok. I'm in 6th so my dad won't let me date probably and all my friends hate him. What in the world am I supposed to freaking do!?
Meonglatte (65366)
114 days ago
Omg i got ‘YOU LOVE HIM!’ yeay. This quiz is super cool. Yeah.
Random person (65993)
116 days ago
I think this is fake I tried different combinations and it's still the same answer although I know that I like him but just making sure but he is so rude I just hate myself and my feelings I can't stop them I need an expert I need help thanks for reading.
Anonymous (33886)
117 days ago
A few days back, a guy that I once thought I had no feelings for asked me out on a date. I harshly rejected by simply saying no. For the past few days I feel burden and could not get my mind off him. I thought I simply felt sorry for rejecting and had the need to say sorry. Yet, I still sorry about him even after apologizing to him and receives the answer from him that he's fine. Now I feel worse and regretted the decsion of declining him. Do I like him? I don't know? Is that it feels to reject someone? Or do I actually like him now?
Confused (53772)
120 days ago
I like this guy but he's four years older than me! We used to be good
Friends when I was younger but now he doesn't talk
To me...we live close by each other but I think his
Best friend hates me:(he knows I likes him too! Which
Is why I think they act weird when I'm around...