Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?

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Janya (53688)
274 days ago
This is a good quiz
Molly (02985)
277 days ago
OK so this guy like she me (and I know that for sure) but I'm going Back and forth between thinking I like him . i can sometime just not get him out of my head and my friends all think I don't like him(except 1) . I know for sure that I don't just like home beacause of his looks(no offence) but I'm not sure if I really just want to become better friends with him. One major problem though is he is shorter than me by like heaps(and I'm not that tall) and that kind of Anyoys me but still. He has this Scottish accent that is really strong and plays the bagpipes (which I can't stand the sound of) but the accent doesn't really anoye me at all. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!
layla (05663)
279 days ago
i like like a boy name angel. my friends told meh he liked me first semester but didn't like me anymore. i begged him to tell me who he likes and he said my best friend miah 1% . he asked meh who i like but i didn't tell him he makes meh smile and laugh when i down and he always says to meh "who can get mad at that face" one time i drew on his face i said "who can get mad at this face" we both started to laugh but i know i would have a chance with him my best friend miah likes him 90% what do i do :(
Michelle (67434)
280 days ago
So I told this boy that I liked him and when I was done saying that I ran away. The next day my friends said to me that he really likes me as a friend
tara (47371)
283 days ago
so i like a boy and he us sweet and he said i dont hate anyone i just dont want to start something and then hurt you i care about you what dose that mean can i get some hellp on it.his name is conner washbern and i like him hellp :!
Cheryl (12192)
285 days ago
So there's this guys. I'm super confuse if I like him or nah. Whenever I see him, I like him. I know that bcs i got butterflies and ya know, stuffs like that. But whenever he's not around, i dont really gives a 💗 about him. So do I like him or no? Please help me...
mia (68118)
288 days ago
so I told the guy I like ( nathan) that i like him. (he is my bestfriend but he has a gf) and i really want to tell him this and i dont know if i should ...

When i first met you i knew that i would like you but i dont like you for your "good looks". I like you because of the way you end up making me smile or laugh l. I absolutely love your laugh. I love the way your eyes light up when ever you find something funny or when you arw happy. I love how you get excited about the smallest and strangest things. I love how you like the same music as me. I love how you make me happy. I love how you actually listen to me when ever i talk to you.I love your crooked teeth. I love your smile. I love your blue eyes. U love how your face gets red when youve been laughing hard. I love how you dont think im strange or weird. I love your voice. I love your laugh(i know ive already said it but i feel lik it needs to be recognized that i love it) i love your hair i love your sense of humor and the jokes that you tell which are so dumb theyre funny.
But you couldnt take a hint if it hit you in the face. You are so blind that you didnt see that someone liked you way before you started dating her
Briana (51796)
289 days ago
He liked me when I was in a relationship but know I not and I like him so much but he doesn't know
saniya (24127)
292 days ago
idk what to say. he was my ex, he stares at me for like so long, purposely bumps into me, idk if its only him or its me too.
My name (19471)
311 days ago
I like him
He likes me as a friend
He's probably my cousin
He probably knows i like him
We both keep our cool
He said my name I looked away and blushed
He backed off
We ain't friends yet
We don't talk
We have a bond
Sad but lol
Catalina (70062)
311 days ago
I sue like him and you can tell? O.o THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO I ONLY SEE HIM ONCE A WEEK ON SUNDAYS... any suggestions? xD
*VALENTINA* (18356)
313 days ago
Lol!seriously dat is so hilarious
Catalina (70062)
323 days ago
Omgsh. I got "you sure like him, I can tell." I've taken two other do you like him quizzes because I'm not sure! One said I don't like him, one said I have a minor crush, and now this! WHY WONT THIS FRICKING THING MAKE UP ITS MIND. 😒
sportyandspicy (86796)
325 days ago
there's a guy who i have a crush on, and he has a crush on me back. i just don't want to get hurt in a relationship, and become broken hearted over a boy who likes me. i just feel like something is going to go wrong, and i will lose everything.
anjali (98292)
327 days ago
Ya,💗offnowplease (23541)
330 days ago
Ummm...question 8..yeah I'm taking this test because i have no clue how I really feel about this guy. How the acual 💗 am I supposed to know if I like him more than just a friend, or not?!! Jeeesus, 💗 assss question. Wasting my 💗 time. Humph!
Wuddddd (70736)
337 days ago
Ok so I like this "person". 😂😂 he likes me but is on holiday with one of my besties she is totes perfect so of course he's gonna end up liking her ☹️☹️☹️ He just asked mwah out and I have no idea what to say
becy (65831)
337 days ago
okay first of all, i know this is old, but i mean what in THE WORLD DO YOU MEAN ONLY FOR GIRLS? as if only girls liked guys, i mean come on, don't be ignorant as 💗, we are all the same. girls can like guys and guys can like guys. I know we are in the middle of a very controversial world, but come on. DOn't be a 💗💗hoe, and react the right way to what is going around you and the wourld, because this is the time to not be ignorant.
SBS (79261)
337 days ago
So this guy told me I liked him and I'm about to tell him I like him too but then he starts dating my bff then they break up then all the boys were doing dares saying they like random girls and he said he liked me and I don't know if it's a dare or not then he came up to me in front of all my friends and asked me out and I freaked out and said no and then I said I liked him and he said OK and stopped talking about it.then he says he likes me again and I really really like him what do I do
some person (77239)
344 days ago
Layla I told my crush and we dated for a long time but then i recondized that he was ugly a jerk and he was dating someone else. But If I were u I would tell him ASAP because he might like u. But it might be bad also. He could possible think ur a ceep and not talk to you for a long time but it's your choise.