Do you like him? (for girls only)

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This test will tell you how much you like this guy

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    Smile at him, and hope he'd seen it
    Tell all my friends and point at him. Smile a huge smile and make a flirtatious look
    Who cares?

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Wuddddd ( 70736 )
Posted 286 days ago
Ok so I like this "person". 😂😂 he likes me but is on holiday with one of my besties she is totes perfect so of course he's gonna end up liking her ☹️☹️☹️ He just asked mwah out and I have no idea what to say
becy ( 65831 )
Posted 286 days ago
okay first of all, i know this is old, but i mean what in THE WORLD DO YOU MEAN ONLY FOR GIRLS? as if only girls liked guys, i mean come on, don't be ignorant as 💗, we are all the same. girls can like guys and guys can like guys. I know we are in the middle of a very controversial world, but come on. DOn't be a 💗💗hoe, and react the right way to what is going around you and the wourld, because this is the time to not be ignorant.
SBS ( 79261 )
Posted 286 days ago
So this guy told me I liked him and I'm about to tell him I like him too but then he starts dating my bff then they break up then all the boys were doing dares saying they like random girls and he said he liked me and I don't know if it's a dare or not then he came up to me in front of all my friends and asked me out and I freaked out and said no and then I said I liked him and he said OK and stopped talking about it.then he says he likes me again and I really really like him what do I do
some person ( 77239 )
Posted 293 days ago
Layla I told my crush and we dated for a long time but then i recondized that he was ugly a jerk and he was dating someone else. But If I were u I would tell him ASAP because he might like u. But it might be bad also. He could possible think ur a ceep and not talk to you for a long time but it's your choise.
Emma ( 10726 )
Posted 301 days ago
He is one of my Best Friends and I like him and he likes me back his friend told me. (scream)
Ishika ( 72436 )
Posted 307 days ago
I loved him but he cheated with me.i am feeling so hurt.why did he do this to me?
Layla ( 70992 )
Posted 307 days ago
I'm not that popular in school but he is. Everyone likes him because he's cute,sweet and nice. We always talks and I really like him. But my bff likes him too and everyone knows she likes him so everyone wants them to be together! What do I do?!?
Kelly perker ( 70992 )
Posted 307 days ago
It's a long long story but basically a guy at my school told me he likes me but I don't know do I like him back. His cousin was trying to make us go on a date. He's really nice but I'm not sure.i need help because he dated my best friend and my other friend! What do I do!
Chaton ( 18454 )
Posted 312 days ago
And for one of the questions, he did actually like my best friend and they kissed many times in front of me, thats why i dont want to like him.
Chaton ( 18454 )
Posted 312 days ago
I love him, why, its not the answer i wanted urggg
Jane ( 86970 )
Posted 317 days ago
For question 7 he is my best friends sister so that would be a little weird...
Georgia ( 19171 )
Posted 320 days ago
I like this guy in school and I think he likes me so I'm trying this out to see witch works best
Katy ( 95258 )
Posted 326 days ago
Well for question 7 my best friend is his sister soooo...
Confused... ( 24455 )
Posted 331 days ago
So i like my best guy friend. A LOT. apperently love him according to the quiz. But he's also my ex... and I dumped him. And he understands why. But now I really like him. We hang a lot and talk all the time. But include scared to tell him bc I don't want rocky ruin our relationship. What if he likes me and it ends up one of us broken hearted again?
Harley Quinn ( 59529 )
Posted 333 days ago
Oh I love u Fernando and I love your joke's my love by the way my real name is Isabella C.
Cute Baby Ashin ( 07435 )
Posted 340 days ago
Im in secondary now and in primary i had this #MASSIVE crush on a boy called Max. i cant forget him. i got his number and all and text him. i wanna date him so should i ask him out by text or not??? im scared hell say no and break my heart or spread it to everyone he knows that know me.
Kara ( 00847 )
Posted 341 days ago
I took this to see if I like my best guy friend. I also like this other guy. But anyways, apparently I am in love with my best friend.
Helper for lee ( 58994 )
Posted 351 days ago
lee, i think you should ask your friend if they are ok with it. but since you guys are close, it really shouldn't matter. If i were your friend i would be happy for you. just talk to her first, and then see what happens.
hope this helps xx
Lee ( 02766 )
Posted 352 days ago
I think i have a crush on this guy at school. We are very close and he's very nice to me. Only problem is, my best friend dated him. What should I do?
Scoops ( 50277 )
Posted 356 days ago
so i like this guy. I'm super popular and hes not that popular Im afraid if i ask hime if he likes me he will say no and if he says yes and we date my friends will make fun of me.