What would your Warrior cats name be?

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You love the Warrior series right, now you've started your own role-play, but what is your name?

  • 1
    You are in the middle of a huge battle. Your clan leader is pinned but your mate is trapped and your best friend is fatally wounded. Who do you try and save?
  • 2
    What clan are you in?
  • 3
    You are hunting with your friends when you see a strange cat on your territory, your friends don't notice it yet, you...
  • 4
    Your friend has broken the warrior code. They beg you not to tell the leader, you...
  • 5
    What do you look like as a cat?
  • 6
    It's a bitter winter day and the clan is huddled up in the camp. You get bored so you...
  • 7
    Where do you hunt?
  • 8
    It's a hot and dry summer day, what do you do to help the clan?
  • 9
    What kind of prey do you hunt?
  • 10
    How did you like this quiz?

Comments (6)


Light of MoonClan (31888)
4 days ago
I got Darkclaws of ShadowClan! I love ShadowClan!!
Hermione5 (69255)
10 days ago
My name is Skyleaf, from RiverClan! My true Clan!
Trigger_alert (66942)
22 days ago
This is just my opinion. I don't mean to trigger anyone ;p

This quiz is horrible and not accurate! at all!
First of all, you can't name a Clan cat with one of the following prefixes: 'Thunder', 'River' , 'Wind' , or 'Shadow' because those were the prefixes of the founders of the four Clans, Thunderstar, Riverstar, Windstar and Shadowstar.
Second off, the suffix 'tear' is not valid. Neither is the suffix 'claws'. If you want my honest opinion, make valid names for your OC giveaway. Capiche?
Windclan (07780)
23 days ago
Why do they give you like 4 different results?
Sorreltooth (21424)
23 days ago
Y u so mean to Shadowclan!?!?!? DX
Thunder shadow (20602)
395 days ago
This is an ok test I got tearclaw I love warrior cats books would defenettly recommend them