What do you know about Total Drama Island?

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This quiz will feature 1 question about each episode of Total Drama Island. (TDI special and TDI rundown not included)

  • 1
    Who was the last person to step onto the Dock of Shame?
  • 2
    Who were the last two campers in the "Awake-a-Thon"?
    Heather & Justin
    Duncan & Gwen
    Trent & Gwen
  • 3
    Who were the three people chosen from the Screaming Gophers to perform in the Talent Show?
    Justin, Gwen, and Cody
    Heather, Trent, and Justin
    Owen, Heather, and Leshawna
  • 4
    What is Gwen's worst fear?
    Green jelly
    Sumo wrestlers
    Being buried alive
  • 5
    Who gets there "antlers" stuck together?
    Gwen and Trent
    Duncan and Courtney
    Cody and Gwen
  • 6
    Who is Gwen forced to partner up with to climb a mountain?
  • 7
    Who breaks their back in episode 13?
  • 8
    For who is it "just a revolving door"?*

    * quoted by Chris in TDI rundown
  • 9
    Who wins the Hide-and-seek challenge?
  • 10
    DJ gets booted off. Why?
    He kisses Heather. (not an accident)
    He didn't even meet the psycho killer...Heather scared him silly when wearing a face mask
    He "quit"
  • 11
    What are the three pairs in Trail by Tri-armed Triathlon.
    Owen&Leshawna, Geoff&Heather, Gwen&Duncan
    Gwen&Geoff, Heather&Owen, Duncan&Leshawna
    Gwen&Heather, Owen&Geoff, Duncan&Leshawna
  • 12
    Who is voted off in episode 23?

    *hint-not a person*
    Mr. Coconut
    The Bear
  • 13
    What happens to Heather the moment before she gets kicked off?
    Her head gets shaved
    She died
    Owen said he had a MAJOR crush on her
  • 14
    Who are the two chickens?
    Courtney & Gwen
    Gwen & Owen
    Courtney & DJ
  • 15
    Who wakes up from a "monster nap"?

    *hint before falling asleep, s/he threatened to do bad things (can't remember)
  • 16
    How did Katie and Sadie get lost?
    They didn't
    A bear chased them away from their team
    They stopped to eat berries without telling their teammates
  • 17
    Why does Trent threaten to beat up Cody if he was not telling the truth?
    Cody said that Gwen said she would go out with Cody.
    Cody said Gwen hated Trent.
    Cody said that Gwen "liked" Trent.
  • 18
    How does Heather get locked in the freezer?
    Everyone chased her in there then closed the door.
    She went to get fish, the closes and locks
    Lindsay throws Heather's make-up bag into the freezer then Leshawna locks the door?
  • 19
    Why is Courtney unsuspected voted off?
    Everyone turned on her (except Duncan duh)
    Chef found out she took food to Duncan and she got booted
    Harold tampered with the votes to get back at Duncan
  • 20
    What team wins the Brunch of Disgustingness?

    *hint teams are changed*
    The killer bass
    The girls
    The boys
    The screaming gophers
  • 21
    Where is Heather's key?
    On a bear
    In chef's fridge
    By a crazy bunny
  • 22
    What two campers aren't included in the motor bike challenge?
    Izzy and Leshawna
    Gwen and DJ
    Heather and Lindsay
  • 23
    What animal/s chases Duncan in robot form?
  • 24
    What does Trent reveal when Chris visits the Playa-De-Losers?

    That he loves Gwen
    He and Courtney were going out
    That he was happy he kissed Heather
  • 25
    What made Duncan and Owen lose the challenge to the girls?
    They got mauled by a bear
    Duncan and Owen got lost
    Owen ran for sticky buns instead of touching the camp totem pole giving the girls the win
  • 26
    What do the guys do to Chris at the end of the Finale?
    They hug him
    They throw him off a mountain
    They pants him
    They toss him into the lake

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