Spongebob Quiz

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Think you know Spongebob?

  • 1
    (Very Easy) What is Spongebob's last name?
  • 2
    (Very Easy) What is Spongebob's pet, Gary?
    An aardvark
    A beaver
    A snail
  • 3
    (Very Easy) Who is Spongebob's best friend?
    Mr. Krabs
    Matthew James Anderson
  • 4
    (Easy) In the episode "Sailor Mouth" why do Spongebob and Patrick get told off by Mr. Krabs?
    Because Mr. Krabs felt like it
    Because they asked him to
    Because Spongebob and Patrick were mean to Pearl
    Because they were swearing
  • 5
    (Easy) What is the precious meal made only at the Krusty Krab?
    Krabby Kelp
    Krabby Patty
    Krusty Coral
  • 6
    (Easy) Which one of these characters is NOT in Spongebob?
    Billy the buccaneer
    Karen the computer
    Larry the lobster
  • 7
    (Medium) In the episode "The Gift of Gum" which part of Gummy says to Spongebob, "You're not Patrick."?
    The undies
    The sock
    The people
    The pizza
  • 8
    (Medium) Squidward spends time doing silly things with Spongebob in the episode
    Best day ever
    Imitation Krabs
    Dying for Pie
    Krabby Land
  • 9
    (Medium) In "Graveyard Shift" the ghost of the clumsy fry-cook is the
    Hash Slinging Slasher
    Krusty Kreep
    Patty Pulveriser
  • 10
    (Hard) In the episode "Bossy Boots" Mr. Krabs makes a big announcement and Spongebob
    Falls asleep
    Thinks the new spatulas are here
    Goes to the toilet
    Screams with anticipation
  • 11
    (Hard) In Plankton's version of F.U.N, F is for
    Frag grenades that blow up everywhere
    Stealing a Krabby patty
    Fire that burns down the whole town
  • 12
    (Hard) In which episode does Spongebob contemplate eating rye, white or pumpernickel bread?
    Snowball Effect
    Just one Bite
    Franken doodle
    Something Smells
  • 13
    (Very Hard) Which one of these things does NOT attract a sea bear?
    Eat cubed cheese
    Wave your flashlight around
    Wear a sombrero in a goofy fashion
    Screech like a parakeet
  • 14
    (Very Hard) In "Bubble Buddy" what day is it for Spongebob and Patrick?
    Bubble Blowing Super Fun Day
    Bikini Bottom Annual Awesome Day
    Super Sandy Sunday
    Life Ericson Day
  • 15
    (Ultimate Deadly Question) Who is the voice of Spongebob, the narrator and Plankton in that order
    Mr. Lawrence, Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence
    Stephen Hilllenburg, Roger Bumpass, Tom Kenny
    Tom Kenny, Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence
    Mr. Lawrence, Tom Kenny, Roger Bumpass
    Tom Kenny, Stephen Hillenburg, Mr. Lawrence

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