Naruto Shippuden Basic Quiz

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This quiz will question readers on a Japanese anime called Naruto: Shippuden with 10 multiple choice questions. These are not advanced questions based upon the average Naruto: Shippuden fan.

  • 1
    Who replaces Sasuke in Team 7 beginning in the "Sasuke Retrieval" arc?
    No one
  • 2
    Who replaces Kakashi when he isn't able to be captain of Team 7?
  • 3
    Who/What extracted Shukaku from Gaara?
    Akatsuki Organization
    Baki, Temari, Kankuro
    Team 7
  • 4
    How is Gaara revived back to life?
    Chiyo uses her healing abilities
    Sakura uses her healing abilities
    He never died
    Akatsuki Org.
  • 5
    Fill in the blank: _________ is the technique Naruto tried to use to kill Kakuzu.
    Rasengan Shuriken
    Oodama Rasengan
    Uzumaki Barrage
  • 6
    Who CANNOT use Rasengan of the following?
    4th Hokage
    3rd Hokage
  • 7
    What causes Kakashi to stay in the hospital?
    He never went to the hospital
    Using his Mangekyou Sharingan technique
    Being severly injured from Itachi's Double Body clone
    Being severely damaged by Deidara's Clay Clone Explosion
  • 8
    What new techniques has Sasuke learned under the guidance of Orochimaru from the following?
    Chidori Sword Stab, Chidori Cuurent
    Temple of Nirvana
    Rasengan, Oodama Rasengan
    Wood Style Jutsu
  • 9
    Yamato can only control the Kyuubi when it's wearing what?
    What are you talking about?
    A head protector
    The Hokage necklace
  • 10
    Fill in the blank: The 3rd Kazekage _________
    's Rule

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Haruka ( 7.185 )
Posted 178 days ago
Didn't get question #10 lol. And by the way, there are only four people who can use Rasengan, which is Minato, Jiraiya, Naruto, then Boruto afterwards. I got an 8/10 because of that.