What kind of Mythological Creature are you?

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  • 1
    If you were to choose a weapon, which would it be?
    I don't need one. I have my mouth, teeth, claws...
    Bows and arrows for me!
    I like a long sturdy sword
    You don't suppose hooves can pick up weapons?
    Spears are the things for me!
  • 2
    If you were to choose a home, what would it be?
    (Just choose what applies to you most)
    Forests/Woods (There's a difference!)
  • 3
    If you were to choose a gift, what would it be?
    Jewels and gold are nice
    Mind you, just go away and stop bothering me
    Well...I don't really know...How about a mirror?
    Come here and bow to our Queen and bestow her with silk, pearls, gold...
    If you have ancient scrolls for me, my people will be eternally grateful
  • 4
    What is your idea of a pastime?
    Sleep for a really long time or stealing jewels
    Reading ancient scrolls
    Perhaps training or protecting my clan
    Looking at myself in the lake or communing with nature
  • 5
    You are challenge to a fight by an unworthy foe. Do you accept?
    He doesn't look very big. Maybe he could be a friend!
    You aren't worth my time. He'll get off with a warning for now
    Well...you do look mighty tasty...
    Let's see how well you can swim...
    Peace, my people do not indulge in such matters
  • 6
    You are challenged to a fight by a worthy opponent, and obviously, you must fight. Where would you fight to your advantage (given the chance)?
    You obviously can't swim very well
    If you wish, then it shall be in the forest where I know the trees better than you do...
    Into the trees I go!
    Let's try the mountains
    Ha! I can fight you here right now!
  • 7
    A foolish human has wandered near your home, lost, where he is easily spotted. What do you do?
    I haven't ate breakfast yet...
    Look curiously at the human (because I never saw one before), and if he looks my way, I'll just hide till he goes away and tell my friends
    Go out and point directions towards his destination
    If he goes away, good. If he remains there, I'll be annoyed. If he goes towards my home, I'll sing you into my home because he asked for it
    The human shall be given a warning, but he won't get off easily next time
  • 8
    An idiot insulted you. What do you do?
    Shrug it off. He's only an idiot
    Reach for my spear at my side there...
    Ram him with your horn for the unkindness he treated you!
    You look tasty all of the sudden
    What! You dare! (beat the crap out of him with your sword)
  • 9
    An idiot insulted your kind. What do you do?
    Call my friends and ram our horns into him!
    Use some of your fancy moves so that he's on the ground and your foot on his chest. Then you made sure he never does that again
    *smack* *smack*
    Get my friends and reach for our spears and drag him to the depths!
    What! You dare! *calls friends* Beat up this cowardly fool!
  • 10
    A person accidentally killed one of your friends of your kind. What do you do?
    Weep, then made sure that person never goes near one my friends again
    Mourn for my friend and make sure the fool pays tribute to my friend's grave
    *sigh* sing for a long time at the funeral and imprison the fool
    Arrange a formal funeral, then forgive the person
    Kill the fool
  • 11
    This time, a person purposely killed one of your friends. What do you do?
    Drown him
    Eat him
    Punish him dearly then kill him
    Kill him
    Ram my horn into him, killing him
  • 12
    Somehow, a human has stolen one of your treasured possessions. What do you do?
    Get it back and forgive him
    I believe all my possessions are out of reach...
    I don't have any
    Get it back and eat him
    Get it back and severely wound him
  • 13
    How would you describe your personality?
    (Just choose one that applies to you most)
    Extremely Wise/Passive (don't want to fight)
    Extremely Wise/Obsessed with jewels/Hungry
    Fiercely Loyal/Angered Easily/Extremely Wise
    Fiercely Loyal/Angered Easily/Loves Fighting
  • 14
    What's your favourite colour?
    (Just choose the one that applies to you most)
    Red like Fire/Yellow like Gold/Orange that's partly like Fire/and/or all colours of the jewels
    Blue like the sea and ocean and lakes and ponds and rivers/Green like the seaweed and the others plants/Turquoise just because I like them both
    All colours! (including black)
    Cool colours: Green like the trees/Blue like the ocean/Purple like the setting sun
    I prefer the green like the leaves of the trees or grass
  • 15
    What's your favourite element?
    (Just choose what applies to you most)

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