VSBM Quantitative Techniques (Two) Quiz-1

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Quiz on Linear Programming, Queuing Theory, Game Theory, Transportation Problem

  • 1
    LPP stands for
    Long Programming Problem
    Linear Progress Programming
    Linear Programming Problem
  • 2
    Following is a method of solving LPP
    Vogel Approximation Method
    Simplex Method
    Maximun Method
  • 3
    Can we change real life situations in LPP and solve?
    Can't Say
  • 4
    Transportation Model helps us in
    Finding nearest transport office
    Finding lowest transportation cost
    Finding transportation cost between two cities
  • 5
    North West Corner rule is one of the method of solving
    Game Theory
    Queuing Theory
    Transportation Models
  • 6
    Vogal's Approximation Method is used in
    Queuing Theory
    Game Theory
    Transportation Models
  • 7
    Lowest Cost Entry Method is also called as
    Matrix Minimum Method
    Simplex Method
  • 8
    For Optimality Test
    BFS must contain m+n allocations
    BFS must contain m+n-1 allocations
    BFS must contain m+n+1 allocations
  • 9
    Optimality Test is used for
    Testing allocations for highest valued solution
    Testing allocations for proper allocations
    Testing allocations for best optimal solution
  • 10
    Negative D(ij)cell evaluations during optimality test shows
    Solution is optimal
    Alternate solution exists
    Solution is not optimal
  • 11
    If all D(ij) cell evaluations during optimality test comes positive
    Alternate Solution Exists
    Solution is Optimal
    Solutions is not Optimal
  • 12
    If any D(ij) cell evaluations during optimality test comes zero it shows
    Only Optimal Solution
    No Optimal Solution
    Alternate Solution Exists
  • 13
    Payoff matrix is a term used in
    Simplex Method
    Game Theory
    Queuing Theory
  • 14
    Game theory helps one for
    Time taken in queue
    Best choice of strategy
    Time taken by service
  • 15
    A Saddle Point of a payoff matrix is the position of such an element in the payoff matrix which is minimum in its row and maximum in its column.
  • 16
    Queuing Theory is also called as
    Fashion models
    Waiting Line Models
    Customer Care Services
  • 17
    FIFO stands for
    First In fast Out
    First In First Out
    Fast In First Out
  • 18
    Mean Arrival rate in queuing theory is denoted by
  • 19
    Mean Service rate in Queuing Theory is denoted by
  • 20
    Traffic Intensity in queuing theory is denoted by

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