Series Four Quiz

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How closely were you watching Series Four of Doctor Who

  • 1
    How much was a three-week course of Adipose pills at a special rate?
    35 pounds
    30 pounds
    50 pounds
    40 pounds
    45 pounds
  • 2
    In Fires of Pompeii, how much did the stallholder get for the TARDIS?
    30 sesterces
    15 sesterces
    25 sesterces
    20 sesterces
    10 sesterces
  • 3
    The second hand brain in Ood’s are like a what in humans?
    Reproductive Organ
  • 4
    What did Luke Rattigan invent when he was 12 years old that caused him to become a millionaire overnight?
    The ATMOS device
    Fountain 5 search engine
    Fountain 6 search engine
  • 5
    In Poison Sky, what is the name of the cartoon that The Doctor changes to when the Sontarans start their battle cry, ‘Sonta-ha’ over the transmission?
    Tommy Zoom
    Fairly Odd Parents
    Loony Tunes: Back In Action
  • 6
    What flower does Martha smell in the ship in The Doctors Daughter?
  • 7
    What is the name of the first person to get killed in The Unicorn and the Wasp?
    Miss Chandrakala
    Reverend Golightly
    Professor Peach
  • 8
    What does CAL stand for in Forest of the Dead?
    Charlie Anna Lux
    Charlotte Abigail Lux
    Charlie Abigail Luther
    Charlie Abigail Lux
  • 9
    What is the range of channels on the headphones given out on Crusader 50?
    Channels 1-38
    Channels 1-40
    Channels 1-36
    Channels 1-37
    Channels 1-39
  • 10
    In Turn Left, at the market of Shan Shen, what are the two fruits offered to Donna?
    Shukina and Peshwami
    Shukina and Tertianli
    Shukina and Charlchien
  • 11
    Is Noddy real?
    What does Noddy have to do with this quiz?
  • 12
    In The Stolen Earth, what does Luke Smith think the ‘earthquake’ was?
    An earthquake
    Whose Luke Smith?
    He doesn't have a clue
    He didn't feel it
    A cross-dimensional spatial transference
  • 13
    What television show does Ianto switch to that gets disapproved by Jack in, The Stolen Earth?
    The Paul O’Grady Show
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • 14
    What is the name Davros gives The Doctor in The Journey’s End?
    The Destroyer of Daleks
    The Savior of Earth
    The Destroyer of Worlds
  • 15
    When pulling the Earth back to the right place in the universe, how does The Doctor want Torchwood to send power to the TARDIS?
    Open the Rift Manipulator
    Open the heart of the TARDIS
    Access the TARDIS' base code numerals

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