Does your middle school crush like you? (Middle school girls only)

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In middle school, everyone has a crush. But the question is, does he like you like you like him? The real answer is just minutes away!

  • 1
    How many classes does he have with you?
    All of them! (7-8 periods)
    A good amount...(3-4 periods)
    Almost all of them. (5-6 periods)
    A little bit. (1-2 periods)
  • 2
    When you talk to him, does get into the conversation and have a good time?
    Duh! We talk 24/7 and have a great time!
    Yeah, we talk a lot and have a pretty good time!
    I don't know, considering we never talk!
    We kinda talk...and when we do, we have a good time.
    On the rare occasions when we talk, he doesn't really have a good time...
  • 3
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?
    Yeah, he's always looking at me!
    He NEVER looks at me!
    Sometimes I see him looking at me, but he doesn't turn away...I do.
    I catch him looking most of the time, and then he looks away really quickly!
    I hardly ever looks at me...but he does RARELY.
  • 4
    When you talk or glance at him, does he stutter or blush?
    I can't tell! But I think he gets kinda nervous...
    No, he doesn't stutter when we talk, and he doesn't blush when I glance at him.
    Yes, always!
  • 5
    How much do you know about him?
    Hardly anything, just random tidbits...
    I know the main things about him, from our conversations.
    I know a lot about him, actually!
    Everything! Obviously, since we talk 24/7...
  • 6
    How much does he know about you?
    Absolutely nothing!
    Just the main things from conversations...
    A lot, actually!:)
    Everything! Again, since we talk 24/7!
    Hardly anything, just random tidbits...
  • 7
    When you walk in a room and he's already in there, he...
    He sees you, but doesn't care.
    Notices you.
    Looks at you and blushes, then looks away quickly.
    He all of the sudden becomes more tense.
    He doesn't even notice or care!
  • 8
    Does he ever compliment you?
    Never in a million years!
    Eh, maybe...?
    Like, never!
    A lot, actually!: D
  • 9
    When one of your teachers says to get a partner, he...
    Hesitates, but then goes to his friends.
    Looks at you, but then shakes his head and turns away.
    Doesn't even notice you're in the room.
    Secretly wants to be your partner, but goes to one of his friends.
    Automatically looks at you.
  • 10
    O.K., last question. What does your heart tell you? How do you think he feels about you?
    Nothing, he hates me!
    I think he likes me as a friend now, but maybe later, more...
    I think he TOTALLY likes me!
    He kinda likes me!
    Just a friend, if not a little less.

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Grace (64936)
He likes a friend. But after some time, maybe a little more... ;)
Kashiva that loves wolves (02870)
3 days ago
The test also said friend now later more
Kashiva that loves wolves (02870)
3 days ago
Im a great artist . In art class he always wants to be my partner. And he wants me to draw two wolves in love. I think he likes me his name is hunter.😍😍😘😘😘
bich_whaattttt (85435)
18 days ago
i have2 crushes :

THe first one; the quiz said he maybe likes me
the second one; thquiz said that i should give up

i hate my life... maybe ithnk i shouldd give up
Bayleigh (78547)
26 days ago
Second one I did and it said yes the first said no
Hobbary (93828)
27 days ago
Likes me as a freind. Later more.
Me (73646)
36 days ago
So me and my crush already established that we like each other but this quiz says he likes me as a friend...We go to each others houses and talk all the time and crushy things like that. but were still not dating? I'm kinda confused. No offense to the makers of this quiz but you are a little off on your results:)
Weird Spanish Person (75727)
62 days ago
Person, when I told my crush that I liked him, the next year he told me that he liked me ever since I told him. BTW, in one of the other quizzes someone called Anynymous is telling the same story(thats me).

This boy from my Elementary school likes me. But when I moved to Spain for 7 months, this boy from my middle school outside the US has admitted the he also likes me. I DONT KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO! Please help.
Person (60412)
68 days ago
Man, I just can't tell! We don't hang out enough for me to actually yes or no it. There was this one time (my teacher does fun stuff for science. I'm so lucky!) where I was on my crush's team (the class gets spilt into four teams of four) and we were asked to pair up. I (of course) was sitting there, staring at him, hoping he would ask me. But instead he asked the tallest girl in class. His exact words were "Hey the two tall people should team up!". He's the tallest boy in class and the tallest girl was pretty good friends with him from Drama (I'm a drama kid too, but was in it this year cause I felt like I needed to support the class my mom taught). I sat there so let down but thankfully my best friend helped me out and said "Hey aren't supposed to be partners?". That snapped me out of it. I am so thankful to have such great friends.
P.S. I have only told three human beings who I have a crush on.
P.S. I need help! Should I tell him and risk our friendship but maybe start something more?!! Please answer someone.
I AM A DUDE (35472)
72 days ago
I putting what I do to my middle school crush and it said I like her as a friend...
I AM A DUDE (35472)
72 days ago
This quiz is not really getting the right results
Ruby (27123)
79 days ago
He totally like me huh? Well we do talk alot, laugh alot, and we never fought over something before.we also hang out at each others houses....But he has a crush on my friend! Well, she did reject him.... I'm not sure! We are both nerds tho. So if he does like me, he is hiding it??? HELP IDK
Lover (19235)
98 days ago
He also playfully brushed against me today after looking at me blushing and saying hi I don't understand boys at all
Lover (19235)
98 days ago
There's this guy I had a huge crush on and still do and my friends said he liked me Andrea he totally acted like it too so I decided to have a friend tell him I liked him and when she asked if he liked me he said idk and then he didn't talk to me the rest of the school year even tho we were like best friends all year and we talked everyday and sat next to eachother but then his year on the second day of school (today) he talked to me in health he asked a question he could have asked anyone including his friend he was sitting next to bc he was the only one in class who wasn't done he asked me what to write and I always catch him staring at me and have most my classes with him. I want to talk to him so bad but I don't know what to talk about bc I don't want him to make it awkward I thought about him all summer and he's so cute and nice and I feel he's amazing in every way and can't imagine a future without him but I guess he thought of me as a friend and no more. Does he like me?!!? I wasn't sure how to answer those questions
Serenity (72337)
140 days ago
I've been with my crush for almost 3 months but since we got together close to the end of 6th grade I take these tests when I miss him. 💗 idea not gonna lie but, accurate nonetheless!
Jocelyn C. (90354)
163 days ago
Two months ago at school, it was time for the eighth grade formal! My gay best friend finally convinced me to ask my crush (whom I SWEAR likes me back) to the formal. I really wanted him to ask me though. 😑 I accidentally asked him to come with my whole group of friends. :/. *Sigh*
4436 (18481)
170 days ago
This guy Izzy rides the bus with me but always jokes around with me but he complements me all the time and i have a huge crush on him but i dont know if he feels the same way . HELP!
softball-lover#13 (70209)
179 days ago
it says he likes me a little more than a friend which i kinda believe because the other day there was a bunch a people around to ask a question and he asked me. seriously, his friends were standding right by him, why didnt he ask them
Lola (82389)
191 days ago
I like a guy named Logan but it seems like he try's to ignore me.Out of all the 9 people in my class he likes a girl named channtel .She is so mean to me because I kissed him before when I was like what 3.She says she is going to ruin my life.I feel Like he likes me.He got me flowers and gave me a fake wedding ring on Valentine's Day that was in 3rd grade.His friends all like me all 5 of them.I feel so awkward when they stare at me.So today I went to gym and I went into the hidden storage room I asked him why he was ignoring me.He got all sad and said I have cancer.I hugged him then he pushed my chin up and kissed me.I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him back and we kissed for like 3 minutes straight .He asked me to date him.I said I would date him then He kissed me again and then the gym teacher cought us kissing.She saw us it was so embarrassing.But I love Logan so much ❤️😘😍.
Darkqueen (22806)
204 days ago
All the quiz I take keep telling me the same thing the he likes me as a friend and to give it some time.