Season 1: The Gilmore Girls

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Welcome to the greatest, mega Gilmore Girls quiz! It will test your knowledge of the fantastic first season. Fans will do well; obsessive will exceed!

  • 1
    Who tells Rory she’s been accepted to Chilton Academy?
    Headmaster Charleston
  • 2
    When was the only time Lorelai and Rory ever went to Richard and Emily’s in the past?
    On holidays
    Annually to catch up on events of the past year
    When Rory begged
    When Christopher was visiting
    When Michel’s accent had gotten thicker and Lorelai needed to escape
  • 3
    Why did Lorelai buy the alarm clock that broke on Rory’s first day at Chilton?
    She and Rory saw it on TV
    It was on sale
    Kirk was selling his things again
    It was furry
    It matched her shoes
  • 4
    Who, at the club, is the most odious woman alive?
    Bitty Charleston
  • 5
    When Rory has a “tantrum” after missing her Shakespeare test, what is the last thing she shouts?
    What is wrong with you all?
    But a deer hit my car!
    And for the last time, the name is Rory!
    What's up Quippy? Why so silent?
    I hate this place!
  • 6
    What upset Sookie about Lucien Mills’ restaurant review?
    He said her lobster bisque was too creamy
    He thought she wasn’t cut out for being a head chef
    She realized her portions were too small
    He thought her risotto was ‘fine’
    He said the inn was ‘one’ of the best in the area
  • 7
    Who did Emily invite to Rory’s birthday party without asking?
    Richard's colleagues
    Rory's classmates
    Rory's dad
  • 8
    What was one of Lorelai’s birthday presents to Rory?
    A laptop
    A gift certificate to a spa
    A cell phone
    A guitar-shaped purse
    The news that she'd found the money for Chilton
  • 9
    One day when Luke is arguing with Taylor in the diner instead of serving Lorelai and Rory, what is one of the things Rory says to get their attention?
    Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson, can we take a quick moratorium?
    Hungry customers here- watch out!
    Hey, my mom's not wearing any underwear!
    Luke, I think someone’s trying to decorate the diner over here…
  • 10
    When Luke tries to give the re-enactors coffee, what does Kirk want?
    A straw
    Kirk says he could really go for some cocoa
    He wants it in a plastic cup
    Nut brown ale
    Herbal tea with a squeeze of lemon
  • 11
    Who likes Rocky Road cookies?
    All of these
  • 12
    How did Lorelai hurt her back in “Rory’s Dance”?
    Moving furniture around the inn all morning for Michel
    Trying to open the garage door
    Pushing her car up the driveway
    Rory's dress making a pass at her
    Carrying the Gilmores' emotional baggage
  • 13
    How long has Stars Hollow been using the same doll as the baby Jesus in the Christmas Pageant?
    Since 1991
    Since 1953
    Since 1979
    Since 1987
    Since 1965
  • 14
    What was Dean’s nickname around the Gilmore house after the dance?
    Narcolepsy Boy
    The Lost One
    Public Enemy #1
    Dead Meat
  • 15
    What was the name of the pet Lorelai abandoned?
  • 16
    Who does Rory rather Lorelai didn’t make out with?
    Mr. Medina
    Headmaster Charleston
    Mrs. Collins
  • 17
    Where did “Rune” come from?
    From out of town
    It's the name of the town he was born in
    From his mother
    It's his grandfather's name
    It's French
  • 18
    Which of these is a classic?
    Her leather pants
    The Pinky Tuscadero shirt
    The blue suit with the flippy skirt
    Her Bunny Ranch t-shirt
    The red and black halter
  • 19
    What did Sookie do that thrilled the Birnbaums at their wedding?
    Redid the menu four times
    Made all the kinds of soups they wanted
    Made a toast
    Sent Michel home
    Made a volcano cake
  • 20
    What was Rory almost named?
  • 21
    What did Lorelai name Rory’s chick before she found out it was a girl?
  • 22
    Which is NOT one of the categories of CDs under Lane’s floorboards?
    Punk, New Wave, German Metal, and Broadway Soundtracks
    Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, and Pretty Boy Rock
    Canadian, Reggae, Latin, and Techno
    Jazz/Jazz Vocal, Classical, Country, Rockabilly, Sinatra, and the Capital Years
  • 23
    What accompaniment does Lorelai have when she sings her painting song to Luke?
    Morey humming harmony from the next table
    Herself banging spoons together
    Herself tapping Luke’s pen on the table
    Luke’s arguing
    Kirk trying to sing along
  • 24
    How long does it take Sookie and Michel’s pleasant moment to disappear after Lorelai notices it?
    12 seconds
    1 minute, 4 seconds
    45 seconds
    58 seconds
    31 seconds
  • 25
    What were the Haydens’ plans for Christopher after high school?
    He was going to be a doctor
    He was arranged to be an intern for Richard
    He was going to Princeton
    They’d planned a Europe trip for him and Lorelai
    He was supposed to work at his father’s company
  • 26
    Who walks into the diner and says, “Hey, how’s it going?” right after Lorelai and Luke agree to despise anyone who says that very sentence?
  • 27
    For Rory and Dean, three months is the _____ anniversary?

    Ice skate
  • 28
    Madeline’s mother has what kind of a fetish?
    Old man
  • 29
    Gran has always hated ____, but has always appreciated ____.
    Teenagers; intelligence
    A rebel; single parenthood
    Scandal; self-sufficiency
    Lending or borrowing money; a fine education
    The DAR; hard work
  • 30
    When Emily visited Stars Hollow, which was NOT a kind of shoe she didn’t want to borrow?
    Ones that needed batteries
    Ones with fur
    Ones with zebra stripes
    Ones that moved on their own
    Ones that made animal noises
  • 31
    When Lorelai and Rory fight about Max, where does Rory run away?
    Dean's house
    Paris's house
    Lane's house
    Richard and Emily's
  • 32
    What cures Sookie of ennui?
    Rory getting an A+ on a paper
    Jackson asking her out
    Lorelai’s announcement about Max
    Making a joke about “off-ui”
    Michel tripping and falling
  • 33
    Which is NOT one of the four characteristics of a shoplifter Taylor observed in Rory?
    She was meandering in an aimless fashion
    She was wearing a baggy coat
    She was alone
    She looked nervous
    She repeatedly looked behind her
  • 34
    What is the name of Luke's toolbox?
    The Beav
  • 35
    What does Lorelai give Luke as she leaves the diner to find Rory in the last episode?
    A letter
    A hug
    A tip
    A flower
    An invitation

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