What should be your nickname?

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There are three nicknames in this test. Which one will you get?

  • 1
    Your best friend starts laughing hysterically. You...
    Get really angry and storm home
    Just tell them quietly that they will be an outline on the tarmac if they don't shut up!
    Join in the laughing, why not?
  • 2
    The next day, your worst enemy sits down with you to have lunch. You...
    Say hurtful comments. Slap them.
    Ignore them.
    Make friends with them. If they eat your chocolate, they have NO chance though!
  • 3
    You and your best friend get told off at school. You...
    Forget about it. It's not their fault.
    Cry for the rest of the day. Don't talk to them tomorrow.
    Try and comfort your friend.
  • 4
    It's snow day. You...
    Throw snowballs at your crush for fun. Ignore you're friend.
    Put a snowball down your friends neck.
    Build a snowman.
  • 5
    The next day, you are off school because of the weather. You...
    Stay inside with a mug of hot chocolate.
    Torture your older brother.
    Trudge to your friends house and play with them till 6:00 pm
  • 6
    You and your best friend have a big fight. You...
    Make up as soon as possible.
    Not go to school the next day.
    Ignore your "friend".
  • 7
    Your best friend moves away. You...
    Persuade your mother to let you move too.
    Find a new best friend.
    Show your inner feelings. Cry.
  • 8
    YOU have to move. You...
    Cry until the cows come home.
    Are very happy
    Don't care
  • 9
    Did you like this quiz?
    I guess
  • 10
    Bye then!
    *Sniff* Bye! (cry)
    See you!