The Pigman Quiz-Chapters 6-10

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  • 1
    Lorraine's mother works as a
    Hospital nurse
    Funeral director
    Private nurse
  • 2
    Lorraine's mom wants her to skip school to
    Clean the house.
    Go to the zoo.
    Help at the funeral parlor.
  • 3
    Lorraine's third "bad omen" at the zoo is
    Being attacked by Bobo the baboon.
    A sea lion spitting on her glasses.
    A kid smirking outside the vampire bat enclosure.
  • 4
    Lorraine is surprised when Mr. Pignati
    Joins in when John and Lorraine "talk" with the primates.
    Tells the zoo attendants John is stealing peanuts from Bobo.
    Says his wife has family in California.
  • 5
    When John goes to the graveyard he really hopes to see
    Mr. Pignati.
  • 6
    What does John call his parents?
    Kenny and Harriette
    Old Man and Hyper Momma
    Bore and the Old Lady
  • 7
    John's father wants him to
    Work at the Exchange a few times a week after school.
    Start taking acting classes.
    Stop seeing Lorraine.
  • 8
    John finds out Conchetta Pignati is dead when
    He finds a bill for her funeral.
    Lorraine uncovers her conformation photo.
    He realizes the drawers and closets are full of women's clothing.
  • 9
    Mr. Pignati takes John and Lorraine to Beekman's
    For gourmet food.
    To get John out of spending the day with his father at the Exchange.
    To buy a pair of nylons.
  • 10
    Lorraine is disappointed that
    Mr. Pignati won't buy her a monkey.
    The ship can come out of the bottle.
    John smokes in the department store.
  • 11
    Why did Lorraine give in and roller skate out of Beekman's?
    She remembered how her father used to take her roller skating.
    She didn't want to disappoint John.
    She was afraid the floor manager would catch them if she didn't move fast.
  • 12
    Norton's "five fingered discount" means
    He throws stones.
    He beats up the neighborhood kids.
    He shoplifts.
  • 13
    Norton threatens to
    Find Mr. Pignati at the zoo and beat him up.
    Scare Lorraine sometime when she is home alone.
    Visit Mr. Pignati's house if John doesn't take him there.
  • 14
    The only thing John did better than his brother Kenny was
    Drink beer.
  • 15
    John likes the Pigman because
    He's always so kind and welcoming.
    He reminds him of his father.
    He had a charge card.
  • 16
    Lorraine's mother
    Hates Lorraine's father.
    Hates Mr. Pignati.
    Hates all men.
  • 17
    Mr. Pignati knew Bobo was sick when
    He refused to smile when his picture was taken.
    He was taken to the zoo veterinarians.
    He wouldn't eat a chocolate bar.
  • 18
    John and Lorraine admitted to Mr. Pignati that they
    Were too old to roller skate or visit the zoo.
    Weren't charity workers.
    Were stealing money.
  • 19
    Mr. Pignati tells John and Lorraine a story because
    He wants to teach them a mnemonic trick.
    He's not in the mood for TV.
    It's really a psychology game.
  • 20
    When Lorraine is sad, she wishes
    Her dad was still alive.
    Her mother were more like Mr. Pignati.
    John would act more his age.

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