Does he REALLY like you? (For middle school girls)

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O.K., so you really like this guy, but does he like you back? The true answer that you have been waiting for is revealed now! This test is for middle school girls. (This test will be 100% accurate if you are a middle school girl taking this test).

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him looking at you, and how is he looking at you?
    He's always looking at me, and he just stares for a really long time or looks away quickly when I catch him.
    He never looks at me!
    He *sometimes* looks at me...
  • 2
    When you two talk, can you easily laugh together?
    Nope! Never!
    When we talk, it's kind of hard to laugh. But we *sometimes* laugh together.
    Yeah! When we talk, we can easily laugh!
  • 3
    How often do you talk together?
  • 4
    Now we're going to talk about his body language. Say he's sitting across, diagonal, or next to you. Are his feet pointing in your direction?
    One of them is...
    Yes, both of them all the time!
    Nope, none!
  • 5
    When or if you talk, is he the one who goes up to you, or do you go up to him?
    Both, always!
    Nothing, never!
    Sometimes I just go up to him or he sometimes goes up to me.
  • 6
    Has he ever complimented you?
    I don't know, sometimes?
    Yeah, all the time! Wow!
  • 7
    Do you two have inside jokes?
    None. I'm getting tired of choosing this for an answer!
    A lot, actually! Oh my God, they're *so* funny!
    Just one or two...
  • 8
    Has he ever smiled at you?
    All the time!
  • 9
    When you're close to him, does he try to impress you by taking out his new cell phone, or anything like that?
    Yeah! All the time!
    Sometimes; rarely.
  • 10
    Also when you're close, does he try to make you jealous by flirting with another girl or simply showing off?
    Sometimes; rarely.
  • 11
    Does he walk right in front of you often to get you to notice him?
    All the time!
  • 12
    When he walks past you, does he brush or somehow touch you with his arm or something like that?
    Sometimes I guess.
    Nope, never.
    Yeah! Double yeah!
  • 13
    When you two are talking, does he ever lightly touch you in any way?
    Never! Ugh!
    Yeah! This is amazing!
    Sometimes, but not really.
  • 14
    Does he ever make jokes with you or try to make you laugh?
    Heck yeah!
    Nope! For the last time, never!
  • 15
    Last question. What does your *heart* tell you? Do you think he likes you?
    No way!
    Oh yeah, definitely.

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Lilly ( 35188 )
Posted 6 days ago
The results say he doesn't like me. I'm in 8th grade right now and we didn't end up in any classes together so we only greet each other in hallways and once in awhile talk to each other. Back in 7th grade he was like my best friend and I really liked him. We walked home together and he would ask to hang out after school. We talked about anything. After the grade 7 graduation he said he regrets not asking me to dance. But now when ever he walks by be looks at the ground and hurries away barley greeting me
hasdfghjkl;' ( 12053 )
Posted 14 days ago
i am sooooooooooooooooo confused. does he like me or not. last year i had told him i liked him. he said he didn't and he was sorry. now i am barely getting over that but now i feel like he likes me. but the thing is, i kinda still like him too. every time he thinks i am not looking, he looks a me. i have had people come over to me and they tell me that he is staring at me. when i took this test it says he doesn't like me. but thing is, it would be awakward if he did these things like in the quiz. i just don't know!!! some one help.
Girl ( 93905 )
Posted 15 days ago
This guy that I like sits at my table in math his name is Kaden Eberman, we used to argue a lot and sometimes we still do and I want to hate him SOOOOO much but I just can't. I can't even look at him because I think he might know. I can easily look at everyone else but I avoid looking at him and sometimes he stares at me and looks away and his face goes at red when I see it and sometimes I stare at him even though I don't want to look at him. I never liked a boy before but this guy... I don't know why. He is so hot too and I think I'm so ugly.
Cn 56467 ( 69468 )
Posted 16 days ago
chronic traumatic encephalopathy
Hi ( 45739 )
Posted 17 days ago
I am a boy and I did this test to see if it was accurate it said I kinda like
Her but actually I love her❤️ But I am pretty shy
pappy g ( 27641 )
Posted 23 days ago
Well theres obviously 4th guy, do the most part if he likes me but i don't really pay attention to his body language but for the most part he likes me 😚gay
Same girl from the comment below. ( 42618 )
Posted 30 days ago
I forgot to add that he dated both of my best friends and I think he still likes them. I have to keep it a secret from my besties that I like him because they still like him, and they tell me. I try to be happy for them but I really like him.. everytime they talk about how cute he is and they said "He still likes me' My heart pounds and i want to scream but i cant... helpmepls
A girl ( 42618 )
Posted 30 days ago
SO my friend who is best friends with my crush asked my friend who likes him and she made him guess. He said my name and she said "Maybe...." So then he said he had a crush on me but I think he said it to make my friend happy. When I see him I cant talk to him but I always see him in choir and he looks at me but idrk im just so confused....
A girl from stone middle school ( 33784 )
Posted 33 days ago
There's this guy and I'm not even sure if I like him I want to like impress him at my brothers baseball games( he is the coaches son) but I'm not sure if he likes me. There was this one time at at my school when there was a Easter thing and I felt like he would turn a certain way and talk to someone just to look at me . I honestly think that he doesn't like me but there was this one time when he broke up with this girl Megan and he just told me but I wouldn't have a clue why he told me that was at one of my brothers game. That game was awesome there was equipment behind the concession that wasn't open and we always kept going back there there was actually and inside joke that ended up happening behind there. I feel like I like him but not in the way to date him but I honestly haven't figured out my feeling yet. Any suggestions..???
Idk 😐 ( 58385 )
Posted 38 days ago
Well I'm not sure if he was lieing cause he's the teasing type but today I asked him if he liked me and he said yes and I asked him if he was lieing and he carved into a locker NO with scissors so he might of been joking and I really want him to ask me to that dance but I'm scared to ask him and I DONT KNOW❤️🖤❤️
Idk 😐 ( 58385 )
Posted 39 days ago
I really like this boy but all my friends can't understand y but last Friday my friend told him and I ran he acts slightly dif around me and today we were at aftercare together and he kept walking up to my table and idk if I'm friend zoned or not and then there's my ex-bf getting in the way because he's just annoying and people think I still like him but EWWWWW anyway so there's a big dance coming up at my school and my friend told him to ask me and he didn't say anything but he told her that he likes me but won't admit it to my face but my friends keep saying he does hope u guys have better luck -idk
Madsssssss1836 ( 88676 )
Posted 61 days ago
Ok so there is this guy, but idk if he really likes LIKES me. Most of my friends know, and we text a lot. He makes me laugh in class, and we can easily talk to each other, but I do t know if he really likes me back. I just had my boyfriend break up with me Saturday, and he said,"So _____, who are you dating now?" But he is SUPER CUTE!!! And I need advice if he likes me back....🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
blackbutler4life ( 16499 )
Posted 63 days ago
Well theres this guy i like and he is always huging me fron behind and looking at me and always so close to me does that mean ge likes me?
Random girl ( 32964 )
Posted 66 days ago
He keeps getting really close to me... and he ALWAYS smiles at me 😖 is that considered liking me? Or just random coincedence? 😯
Happy lady ( 11298 )
Posted 71 days ago
He had me tell him the color of his eyes and I had to look into his eyes, I could barely do it. And today I was standing behind him to turn something in, and he turned around right into me, so his face was like an inch away from mine... does he like me?
Happy lady ( 11298 )
Posted 71 days ago
So I'm in 8th grade and there is this guy that is super tall with blue grey eyes and always wears plaid. I started to like him maybe a few months ago and every time I see him talking to another girl all of the sudden my heart drops... I have the same science class as him, and he always asks me to help him, we call each other names, and we laugh a lot. One time he had me tell him
koolaid smile ( 62516 )
Posted 71 days ago
i'm in the 6th grade and i like a boy that goes to my school and he have a lot of inside jokes.He even tells me pickup jokes.he also always smiles at me when i laugh.i think he really does like me!!!!!! XD
juicy ( 74976 )
Posted 72 days ago
i 4 grade girl i like a boy i think he like me
Macey ( 14225 )
Posted 100 days ago
Right as I was taking the quiz the dude walked behind me and saw XD
esther ( 19099 )
Posted 105 days ago
i really love him thats what my heart say