Which Enid Blyton character would you end up marrying?

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This is only for girls(or homosexual guys).

  • 1
    What kind of hobbies/pass times do you have?
    I love reading and imagining fantastical things that could happen to me.
    I love poking my nose into other peoples business and having intelligent discussions.
    Well, I love to cook various kinds of dishes. And I like hanging out with my friends too.
    I don't know about pass times, but my extracurricular activities include soccer, ballet, cheer leading and being President of the Student Council.
    I love birds! I spend all my time reading up on them or photographing them.
  • 2
    What kind of music do you listen to?
    It rap, hip hop or rock for me. (All or any)
    I like relaxing, soothing music.
    I like movie soundtracks like Sound of Music and High School Musical.
    I like Western classical - my favourite is Beethoven.
    Its generally pop music for me, with a leaning towards jazz.
  • 3
    In a problem situation, how do you cope?
    I try to talk or charm my way out of it.
    I use my brains, or sometimes just luck.
    I close my eyes and pray it goes away. Sometimes, I try to cast a spell.
    I tackle the problem head on.
    I tend to be more dependant on people around me to get me out though I cope the best way I can.
  • 4
    What kind of qualities do you look for in a man?
    He should be a strong, dominating personality as well someone who is responsible, respectable and caring.
    He should be kind, caring and have a good sense of fun!
    He should know magic, or at least believe in it.
    He should be someone intelligent, well informed, alert and confident.
    H e should share my interests and accept me for who I am. He should give me my space.
  • 5
    What is the most important quality that a person should possess according to you?
    A sense of humour
    A passion for something
  • 6
    Are physical appearances important to you when choosing a partner?
    Not at all.
    As long he is unique, it doesn't matter.
    No, not really.
    Well he should be strong.
  • 7
    How would you like to spend a holiday?
    A culturally or historically interesting spot, preferably surrounded by legend.
    Some kind of pleasant holiday resort, with good company.
    Some lonely, distant island with lots of wildlife and nature around me.
    Anywhere nice where I can have go for walks and enjoy nature. And have an adventure or two.
    Fairy land would be good, thanks.
  • 8
    What would you hate to have?
    Someone who doesn't believe in magic.
    An immature, frivolous partner.
    A stupid, steady sort of partner.
    A silly, goal less partner.
    A boring, uptight partner.
  • 9
    Favourite colour?
  • 10
    Finally...which GIRL from Blyton's books do you like/prefer?
    Lucy-Ann/Anne from Adventure series/Famous Five
    Jo from Famous Five (the little gypsy girl)/George
    I like Silky the fairy
    I like Irene, Alicia or Pam from Malory Towers/ St. Clares
    I like the Naughtiest Girl, Bill or Clarissa.