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  • 1
    What kind of vehicle does Charlie buy for Bella?
    ~ 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit
    ~ Rusty, red bulbous truck
    ~ ’85 Toyota Tercel
    ~ Junky Ford F150
  • 2
    What is the name of the local Indian tribe?
    ~ Quileutes
    ~ Quitrenses
    ~ Quileutes
    ~ Quilentres
  • 3
    Jacob Black’s family legend claims that they are descended
    from what creature?
    ~ Wolves
    ~ Mountain
    ~ Bears
    ~ Eagles
  • 4
    The Indian elders refer to the Cullen family as:
    ~ The forbidden ones
    ~ The civilized few
    ~ The blood hunters
    ~ The cold ones
  • 5
    How did Edward find Bella in Port Angeles?
    ~ He overheard Bella and Jessica at school
    ~ He overheard her attacker’s thoughts
    ~ He asked Alice
    ~ He was already there for himself and saw her walking alone
  • 6
    According to Edward, which of the following is NOT a vampire myth?
    ~ They sleep in coffins
    ~ Their bite is poisonous
    ~ Burned by the sun
    ~ They can only come out at night
  • 7
    How can Edward be around Bella without being overcome by temptation?
    ~ Mind over matter
    ~ This too shall pass
    ~ The heart wants what the heart wants
    ~ Love conquers all
  • 8
    Edward says Bella’s scent is:
    ~ Floral like roses
    ~ Crisp like linens
    ~ Floral like freesia
    ~ Fragrant like vanilla
  • 9
    When Bella is telling Jessica about her date, what does she call Edward as a joke because
    she knows he’s listening?
    ~ Bloody gorgeous!
    ~ Sucky
    ~ Cryptic
    ~ Dark
  • 10
    Name the Cullens in order of their induction into the family.
    ~ Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper
    ~ Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper
    ~ Carlisle, Edward, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper
    ~ Carlisle, Edward, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper
  • 11
    What types of cars do the Cullens drive?
    ~ Aston Martin, BMW, Volvo, Land Rover
    ~ BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Jeep
    ~ Lexus, Volvo, Mercedes, Jeep
    ~ Infiniti, BMW, Volvo, Jeep
  • 12
    How did Carlisle find Edward before turning him into a vampire?
    ~ He was fighting a mountain lion when Esme found him and brought him back to Carlisle
    ~ He fell off a cliff and was brought into the morgue Carlisle worked at, still alive
    ~ He was trampled by a runaway horse that killed his parents and found dying in a hospital bed
    ~ He was dying of Spanish influenza, orphaned, in a hospital bed
  • 13
    When and where was Edward born?
    ~ 1918, Chicago
    ~ 1901, New York
    ~ 1901, Chicago
    ~ 1918, New York
  • 14
    Who went with whom to the Spring Dance?
    ~ Jessica and Mike, Tyler and Isabella, Eric and Angela
    ~ Jessica and Mike, Tyler and Lauren, Eric and Angela
    ~ Jessica and Mike, Tyler and Angela, Eric and Lauren
    ~ Jessica and Mike, Tyler and Lauren, Jacob and Angela
  • 15
    What was Bella’s first theory she told Edward about his super-human-ness?
    ~ Fell into a pot of boiling green go
    ~ Crash landed from another planet
    ~ Bit by a radioactive spider
    ~ Government science experiment gone awry
  • 16
    Phil got signed to which team?
    ~ The Suns in Phoenix
    ~ The Suns in Florida
    ~ The Stars in Dallas
    ~ The Rays in Florida
  • 17
    James lured Bella into a:
    ~ Recital hall
    ~ Ballet studio
    ~ Gymnastics arena
    ~ Music studio
  • 18
    Why did James go after Bella?
    ~ Because the Cullens protected her and he thought it was a challenge
    ~ Because, to make her death look like an accident, she seemed like an easy target
    ~ Because he wanted revenge against her father
    ~ Because he was hungry and she was the only human within miles
  • 19
    What happens to vampires in the sun?
    ~ They sparkle
    ~ They tan
    ~ They burn
    ~ They disappear
  • 20
    What is the name of Bella’s gym teacher?
    ~ Coach Clout
    ~ Coach Clapp
    ~ Coach Connor
    ~ Coach Varner
  • 21
    What is Bella’s new favorite gemstone on Edward’s “day of questioning”?
    ~ Emerald
    ~ Garnet
    ~ Topaz
    ~ Amethyst
  • 22
    What does Edward say about darkness?
    ~ It’s unnerving.
    ~ It’s predictable.
    ~ It’s lonely.
    ~ It’s dangerous.
  • 23
    What is the safest time of day for vampires?
    ~ Dawn
    ~ Twilight
    ~ Midnight
    ~ Noon
  • 24
    Before their first day together, alone, what does Bella do to keep herself safe?
    ~ Cleans the kitchen
    ~ Chats on-line
    ~ Watches TV
    ~ Laundry
  • 25
    How old is Carlisle?
    ~ 367
    ~ 376
    ~ 362
    ~ 326
  • 26
    Why can’t the Cullens go to the beach?
    ~ They would be too exposed without any cover
    ~ Their family was banned by the local Indian tribe
    ~ The family decided it best to stay away from such a great temptation as sun bathers
    ~ There is too much sun at the beach
  • 27
    When describing Bella’s scent, what does Edward compare it to?
    ~ Heroin
    ~ Candy
    ~ Scotch
    ~ Wine
  • 28
    What animals do Emmett and Edward prefer when hunting?
    ~ Bears and Deer
    ~ Wolves and Bears
    ~ Bears and Mountain Lions
    ~ Wolves and Mountain Lions
  • 29
    What is the name of the place that Emmett and Edward go to hunt?
    ~ Goat Falls
    ~ Ram Rocks
    ~ Goat Rocks
    ~ Ram Falls
  • 30
    Forks is on the:
    ~ Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State
    ~ Puget Sound in Washington State
    ~ Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State
    ~ Olympic Peninsula in Washington State
  • 31
    When Bella first arrives in Forks, how does she describe it?
    ~ Dreary and damp.
    ~ Beautiful but too green.
    ~ Awful, raining and gross.
    ~ Gray but worth a shot.
  • 32
    On her first day of school, Bella noticed that the nicest car in the parking lot was a:
    ~ Gleaming BMW
    ~ Classic VW Bug
    ~ Shiny Volvo
    ~ Very clean Toyota Corolla
  • 33
    Jessica tells Bella that Edward doesn’t date because:
    ~ None of the girls in school are good-looking enough
    ~ He is the loner of the group and likes it better that way
    ~ Doesn’t want to be bothered
    ~ He’s always traveling
  • 34
    Who did Bella go to Port Angeles with?
    ~ Jessica and Angela
    ~ Edward and Alice
    ~ Lauren and Jessica
    ~ Jessica and Mike
  • 35
    What was Bella and Edward’s first lab in Biology about?
    ~ Dissection of an earth worm
    ~ The mitosis stages of an onion root
    ~ Typing droplets of blood
    ~ The mitosis stages of a whitefish blastula
  • 36
    Charlie surprised Bella on her first snowy morning with:
    ~ Better jacket
    ~ Tire chains
    ~ Hot breakfast
    ~ A pair of snow boots
  • 37
    What river do Edward and Bella pass over on the way to his house?
    ~ Dungeness River
    ~ Calawah River
    ~ Elwa River
    ~ Queets River
  • 38
    Bella describes meeting Esme like “meeting a fairy tale.” Which one?
    ~ Cinderella
    ~ Rapunzel
    ~ Snow White
    ~ Sleeping Beauty
  • 39
    How did James get Bella’s mother’s voice to lure Bella in?
    ~ He tapped Bella’s cell phone
    ~ From their home answering machine
    ~ He captured her and recorded it
    ~ From an old home movie
  • 40
    Emmett and Edward were able to kill James. How?
    ~ Silver bullet
    ~ Stake through the heart
    ~ Drowned
    ~ Shredded and burned

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