Does he love or is he in love with you?

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Does he love you like a sister or friend? A girlfriend to simply shoe off? Or is he totally in love with you? Find out here!

  • 1
    What are his kisses like?
    A very passionate, sweet kiss on the lips
    A peck on the cheek or forehead
    Brief, but very sweet on the lips
  • 2
    Does he show you off?
    Only to make me feel appreciated
    Just to show he has a girlfriend.
    Yes, he wants the world to be jealous of him
  • 3
    Does he try to get you alone?
    Very rarely
    No. Definitely not.
    Yes, all the time
  • 4
    Do you know his parents?
    Yes they love me
    Yeah totally
    I've only met them once
  • 5
    Do you guys spend a lot of time together?
    We hang out almost every day
    Yes, but only on dates
    Whenever we can
  • 6
    For your B-day he...
    Helps you plan your perfect party
    Throws you a huge surprise party
    Takes you on a romantic date
  • 7
    At a dance, Does he slow dance with you?
    Yes, he wants to be close to me
    Yes, because he wants to make me happy
    No, we fast dance
  • 8
    Do your friends like him?
    He is my friend
    Doesn't matter he's mine!
    Yes, they'll encourage me about anyone I want
  • 9
    Is he nice to your friends?
    No, their rude to him first, I think
    Yes, he doesn't want to make me mad or sad
    Again, he is my friend
  • 10
    Does he say he loves you?
    Yeah, but I think he means it as a friend
    Um rarely
    Yes, and he means it
  • 11
    Does he flirt with other girls?
    No, he never even looks at other girls
  • 12
    Do his friend approve of you?
    Yes, they would date me if there friend wasn't
    They are my friends
    Who cares?
  • 13
    Does he encourage you to do things you like?
    He couldn't care less
    Yes, he wants me to have fun
  • 14
    Would he die for you?
  • 15
    Do you love him?
    Yes are you kidding me?
    As a Brother or friend
    I guess so
  • 16
    Do you think he loves you?
    Maybe, I don't really know
    Yes, totally
    As a sister or friend yeah
  • 17
    Is he worth dieing for?
    YES! I would do anything for him.
    Not really
    Of course, he's my friend
  • 18
    Is he polite to your parents?
    My parents love him
  • 19
    Does he hug and kiss you?
    Hug yes, kiss no
    Yes, all the time
    In front of his friends yeah but that's it
  • 20
    Lastly, are you IN love with him?
    Yes, totally

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candy ( 21652 )
Posted 494 days ago
OMG!! It gave me a 75 that he would do ANYTHING for me!!!