Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You?

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Find out if your ex- boyfriend or ex- girlfriend still has feelings for you!

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    Are you and your ex still friends?

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~~ (31246)
13 days ago
We broke up two weeks ago, and all my friends want me to move on. But I don’t want to move on, I really don’t. He was everything I needed and wanted and he made me feel wanted and loved before things went downhill. It was my fault. I got too jealous one day and set him off and now he needs “time and space”. I really love him. I was a better person with him. I’m trying to change and be better...
But it probably wouldn’t have worked in the long run as I’m a freshman and he’s a junior. I want him to miss me as much as I miss him.
Divya (83600)
27 days ago
Rv don't be angry yrr !! i only love one and u only !! Plzzz forgive anddd come back my love !!
Freiya (16038)
29 days ago
missing him so bad :( at least this said he does want me back i just dont have the courage to ask him i see him stare at me in lessons but he has had a girlfriend inbetween our brakeup and now so i think he still has feelings for me#
:(( (97217)
32 days ago
I'm trying to be a better person for my ex but it isn't working out. He's holding back and I think I'm almost done with trying to get him back. My friends tell me he still wants me, but I honestly don't know anymore.
Noor (46104)
33 days ago
It says do i even care?! 😂😂
Well ans is no.
Kiara (24206)
34 days ago
my answer was, there's a chance but its very little and tbh, this hurt me
mariamI (13392)
48 days ago
Tate (50624)
51 days ago
It's been over a year since me and my ex broke up, but I still have major feelings for him. I just don't really show them anymore. I think he still likes me because my friends say he stares at me a lot in the hallways or in the cafeteria. It's driving me insane. But the thing is he has a girlfriend, and I myself have boyfriend. The number one thing that scares me that one day he'll come crawling back telling me he's sorry for everything, and that he wants me back. I still love him deeply, I still care, I still think about him. It's like everything that he does just makes me fall more in love everyday..I can't help myself but daydream about him, and what we used to be. How me and him would always stick by each other's sides. I miss him so much, that I have to keep my feelings inside where it's just killing me even more. Having to pretend like everything's okay when reality its not. I miss him more than I thought of. I just can't seem to find anyone like him, he holds a special part of me that only he has the power. I love him ad I don't think i'll ever stop.
rrks (36402)
51 days ago
yes i still like him but how to know if he does or not ? confused
Hey (59934)
52 days ago
I’m really confused
Hey (59934)
52 days ago
My ex asked to be friends and I still love him and I think he likes me still because he keeps staring at me like he does
Ashley (00525)
53 days ago
I know I only just 10 years old but... I still have a feel , I don't know how I need to do now!! Someone help me plz
Ashley (00525)
53 days ago
I broke with my ex cuz he just like a play boy , he doesn't use his heart to love me.
Ashley (00525)
53 days ago
I still have feel with my ex.
fml (63322)
60 days ago
I broke up with my ex because I didn't feel ready for a serious relationship (we were 16) and now a year later I realised I truly loved him and I want him back so badly, but he's now dating my friend and I don't want to upset her...
Jodie (36921)
69 days ago
My ex is the father to my kids he loves his kids but disrespects me w
Uhh Kms (06224)
75 days ago
my ex is now dating my bestfriend (he used me to get to her) and kisses her in front of me all the time why should i care dude..
Autumn-Lee (07626)
81 days ago
So my ex broke up with me because I mentioned loving someone and they broke my heart I know I shouldn’t of did that but he got mad and he said that someone liked him and before I hung up he sounded like he was cheering I kinda don’t want to get back together him him but I do still have him so much and it’s been hard he actually was a first boyfriend. Lately he seems upset I want him to be happy but I don’t know what to do and I ride the bus with him he’s going to high school next year. The funny thing is my whole family just started liking him now I have to tell them I broke up with him.
Emilee (96888)
96 days ago
I don't think that my ex wants me back besides I broke up with him and I also got a know boyfriend and he is cute and sexy😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙
Anonymous (99431)
108 days ago
I still love him but it’s complicated. Him and his other ex are like on and off or whatever and he doesn’t want to be with me because he thinks I’m perfect and that I deserve more than him when really the only thing I need is him. Our bond is strong and we can trust each other, wish I can be with him. :(

P.s I told him that I still loved him and he said he wanted to marry me just now :’)