The All-Time Zombie Survival Quiz

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Hey this is a quiz I constructed so that everybody can have a look at how good of use they would be in a zombie apocalypse.

  • 1
    You wake up one morning and look at the news and their reports of people causing riots across town and they are eating the flesh of the living what do you do?
    Go back to sleep
    Find a gun and get ready to fight for your life
    Call your friends to come over to hang out
    Find a gun and hide in a mall
  • 2
    Where would you go to stay alive as long as possible?
    A mall that has an assortment of supplies
    A bus
    A carnival
    A gun store
  • 3
    Which vehicle would be best to drive?
    A Bicycle
    Small Car
  • 4
    The best thing to do in a fight with zombies is?
    Cry for your MOTHER!
    Or shoot your friend in the leg for zombies to eat while you run away
    Aim for the head and have somebody watch your back at the same time
    Shoot yourself
  • 5
    What do you do if one of the people you are with gets bitten?
    Laugh at them for getting bit and shoot yourself
    Leave them alone and keep on going
    Cut the body part off that they got bitten on and hope for the best
    Say sorry and shoot them between the eyes
    Leave them behind the group of people your with
  • 6
    You wake up and zombies have broken into your hideout. What do you do?
    Try to get away without getting bit
    Blow yourself up and them
    Fight your way out and find a new place
    Hide and hope they don't find you
  • 7
    The best weapon of choice when fighting a zombie by yourself is?
    A pistol to save ammo
    A rocket launcher to make sure nothing is left....even yourself
    Shotgun to blow them off the ground
    Machine gun so that you make sure they don't get up
  • 8
    What would you do if you were the only survivor out of your whole group?
    Go get something to eat
    Go look for more survivors and load up on guns and ammunition
    Or Shoot yourself
  • 9
    The military is going to blow up the city what would you do?
    Find a way out as soon as possible
    Stay and wait for it
    Try to out run the blast at the last second
  • 10
    You're stuck in a room with two zombies but they haven't noticed you yet what is the best thing to do?
    Sneak out quietly
    Run waving your arms in the air and scream
    Shoot blindly at them and hope you kill them
  • 11
    Would it be better to fight off zombies alone or with others to help?
    With others
  • 12
    The last question I have to ask you is this? If you got bitten what would be the best thing to do in a situation like this?
    Say your goodbyes and shoot yourself in the head
    Or last but not least, Shoot Kady Mann!
    Just keep walking and hope you don't turn into one of them
    Hope their is a cure somewhere near you and hope for the best

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