Are you a ninja?

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You're a ninja, samurai, or want to be?

  • 1
    Some assassins confront you in a dark street, what do you do?
    Yell and charge, slashing away
    Disappear from sight and kill them stealthily
    Say "Argh" and shoot them all
    Run away screaming into the night
  • 2
    You are to assassinate someone, how do you do it?
    Quietly, something along the line of appearing behind them and snapping their necks
    You don't, you huddle in a corner and cry
    Charge at the Katana waving
    Pull out a pistol and shoot them in the knees, then pull out a sword and murder them
  • 3
    Just as your going home, someone grabs you're neck, what do you do?
    Pull you sword and stab through yourself, killing both of you.
    Get captured and figure a way to escape
    Pull out a concealed dagger and stab them in their stomach or side, then disappear
  • 4
    Presuming you aren't dead, you get caught, how do you escape?
    Kick the door down then go on a blasting frenzy
    Kill yourself, you've shamed your master
    Wait until nightfall and slip out stealthily
  • 5
    You escape, but some how, the world is know owned by giant robots...what will you do?
    Run away screaming into the night
    Use your Ninjuitsu to take one down, then escape into the night
    You killed yourself, so what's it matter?
    Pull some idiot maneuver that hopefully doesn't get yourself killed
  • 6
    You are surrounded....what will you do?
    Start wildly slashing and shooting
    Use crazy ninja skills to wipe everyone out
    Crouch down a quiver
    Use you're katana and charge in, hoping you don't die
  • 7
    Assuming you have the bow and arrows, you see a group of enemies, the guy in the middle has a giant sword, take him out first, what do you do?
    Pull a pistol and shoot them all
    Run away screaming into the night
    Shoot him then drop your bow and arrows, stealthily take out the others
    Shoot the others, drop the stuff, then take the guy on in a duel
  • 8
    You're a lone, then you here voices, what do you do?
    Start shaking and pass out
    Use some dirty trick to kill them
    Slip into the shadows then wait, if they're a threat, snap their necks, or wait
    Stand in the path, katana drawn
  • 9
    They pass, but one is someone your supposed to assassinate, how do you do it?
    Throw Shirukens at his lackeys then stealthily kill him
    Charge at him with your spear, yelling
    Shoot him in the back of the head with a pistol
  • 10
    He's dead, you survived, know what?
    You're still hiding in a corner crying, "I AM TO A NINJA!:,(
    Talk to your master and kill yourself, apparently you didn't have any honor
    Train your ninjuitsu better
    Go back to your ship and go treasure hunting

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Amelia ( 31.60 )
Posted 152 days ago
I'm a ninja...fear me!! 😂😂jk, but seriously, I got 9 out of out >:)