Are You Kind?

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Take this quiz to find out how your attitude is towards people and how you act in front of others.

  • 1
    You are asked to volunteer to clean a park. What do you say?
    Maybe another time!
    No way, you think I'm a servant!
    I've got plans.
    Oh sure, I'm free to help out!
  • 2
    You have food from McDonalds for lunch at school. Your classmate for some French fries. Do you...?
    Give him/her only one.
    Give him/her some and offer more.
    Drop the fries on purpose!
    Tell him/her to eat their own lunch and to stop bothering you.
  • 3
    One of your enemies makes fun of you and says you are stupid. You...
    Run away in embarrassment.
    Kick them and walk away proudly.
    Say "I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you because you're saying this."
    Make fun of them back.
  • 4
    In class, you and your friend have the same answer to a problem and both of you want to raise their hand to give the answer. You...
    Put your hand down and let he/she go first.
    You tell them to put their hand down.
    You shout out the answer before the teacher chooses him/her.
  • 5
    Your mom asks you to baby-sit your brother/sister/cousin while she's gone. What do you say?
    I'm not going to do that. It's just not cool enough for me!
    Mom, I got to go to my friend's house to do a project. Later!
    Mom, I love kids. You go ahead and I'll take care of everything.
  • 6
    Your baby sister/brother rips your new outfit by accident. Do you say...?
    I'm telling mom and she'll give you a spank!
    Oh no... it's okay I'll buy another one, for me and you OK?
    Get out of my room, you tiger!
  • 7
    You fall down while walking down the street. What do you say?
    Hello, can't anyone see I fell?
    Get me up, you weirdos! Don't you have humanity!
    Excuse me, can someone help me out, please!
  • 8
    Your friend's hat falls while he/she is walking. Do you...?
    Say " Your hat looks UGLY!
    Pick it up for them politely.
    Say "Your hat fell, now pick it up before I throw it out.
    Walk away without saying anything.
  • 9
    You go to a restaurant and see a lady munching her food up without manners. She accidentally spits on you. You...
    Take your family to another restaurant and on your way think mean about the lady.
    Wipe the spit with a tissue and say "I'm sorry, but would you please eat a little properly!"
    Say "You don't have manners, fatty!"
    Go to her and slap her!
  • 10
    What would you do if your friend dropped a quarter?
    Tell everyone about it and make a big drama about who will get it.
    Pick it up sneakily and run away.
    Inform him/her and pick it up for them.

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