Republic Commando Training

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12 Questions - Developed by: Commander Katana - Developed on: - 5.746 taken

From the makers who brought you Republic Clone Training, we bring you a new, and more challenging quiz. You know your class...but can you handle the responsibility of a soldier. Are you a hero...or a coward who will break at the enemy's feet? Find out now!

  • 1
    Ryloth, during the Clone Wars... Operation: Husk has begun, the objective to wipe out the last Separatist colonies and troopers are gathering around and talking in the barracks. A cry echoes: "Attention!" Commander Katana appears...and the troopers await order
    Listen up boys!
    Move faster next time!
    At ease!
    Stand easy!
  • 2
    As you brief the troopers on the operation to destroy the last of the Separatist colonies, an alarm sounds. Droid bombers have been seen in the clouds. Rushing in, troopers wait and see what you plan to do.
    Get out the heavy artillery and move fast!
    Retreat, fall back!
    Take cover!
    Take up defensive positions, don't be heroes and knock down everything in the sky!
  • 3
    The bombers are easily shot down, but unfortunately they were only a distraction. Five AATs are moving fast, and you only have a small amount of time to think.
    Fire at the first and then the last tank. Now they are boxed in and stuck!
    Pack up and proceed with the mission, leaving several squads behind to hold them off.
    Destroy the second tank and stop the advance, while taking the first tank hostage.
    Fire at the first tank, then blast the others.
  • 4
    The tanks were destroy, but two STAPs managed to get away. The troops are weary and with the Separatists damaged, there is no doubt you can take the colonies.
    Prepare and organize a battle plan.
    Send a squad to negotiate with the colony.
    Let the soldiers rest, then hustle up and move on
    Send a squad to take care of the STAPs.
  • 5
    As gunfire sounds in the distance. Two scouts proceed and return with news. A small Twi'lek group has escaped from capture and are fighting off an ambush. Stepping in will delay the mission.
    Send in troops to the colony, then proceed to the Twi'leks.
    The mission comes first. Leave the tail-heads!
    Send back the scouts to try and step in!
    The mission will not be delayed for long. Rescue them, they might know information.
  • 6
    If you chose to leave them, just answer Question 123. If not...The Twi'leks informed you they an attempted rescue was made by a band of rebels. After losing they retreated. Some of the troopers think they could be a vital asset.
    Search for the rebels!
    The mission was delayed long enough...
    Tell the Twi'leks to search for them, and represent the Republic.
    Question 123.
  • 7
    The rebels find you shortly, and the search is cut short. They question your motives...
    "The Separatists are strong...together we are stronger! Help not us, but your people!"
    "Please, we come in peace, we only ask you help us!"
    "If you don't help us, we'll kill you all!"
    "The Separatists are a danger. You must stop them."
  • 8
    The rebels agree to help you, though some seem reluctant. As you approach the base, you find there are AA towers and a well guarded bridge prevent entrance.
    Split the squads into two. Have one unit take care of the bridge, the other fire on the AA towers.
    Clear the bridge and provide fire on the AA towers while the rebels move in.
    Split your squad into two. Put one firing on the bridge and another on the AA towers. Once the bridge is clear have squad one charge with the rebels.
    Lead a full on assault. Take out as many as you can!
  • 9
    The droids are well in number. You are quickly pinned down on the bridge behind debris.
    Have one unit retreat and fire at the droids from a better position.
    Have the rebels storm the droids while covering them.
    Have one unit pull back, and fire at the droids. Cover the rebels as they storm the droids.
  • 10
    The rebel leader is hit...
    Tell the rebels to cover him. They are his warriors.
    Rescue him. He has helped you and your men.
    He's done his job, leave him.
  • 11
    As the droids pull back, you storm into the city, killing anything in your path. The city is liberated, however the rebels are not convinced, believing that the clones will bring martial law into action. They threaten the operation.
    The rebels did their part, kill them.
    Agree that no martial law will be ordered. Ryloth will be free of military presence
    Bring in martial law, it is the Republic's decision.
    Kill the leader as an example to all rebels
  • 12
    The Separatist leader is brought before you. A rebel kicks him in the back. It is up to you...
    Kill the menace!
    Give him to the rebels. He was there problem.
    Take the leader captive. Who knows the secrets he can tell of!
    Await orders from a Jedi General.

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