Republic Clone Training II

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Republic Clone Training is back. With the help of Commander Katana, it has been improved to perfection. It is up to you to choose your class. Are you born to stand among hundreds of brothers, or stand at the front of a massive army?

  • 1
    Who is your favourite known clone trooper?
  • 2
    When in large groups you tend to:
    Defend weaker people
    Watch your surroundings
    Stand out in the group
    Be the most popular
    Take control
  • 3
    Which describes you best:
  • 4
    What is your favourite colour?
  • 5
    Scenario: Your battalion is searching a ransacked village. You and three others separate from the group and search a large shack. A small alien girl approaches from hiding She is sad and stressed. You:
    Comfort here and try and get information
    Order one of the soldiers to call for help
    Try to inspect her for injuries
    Leave one of the others to take of her, and search for weapons
    Escort her out to the commanding officer
  • 6
    Scenario: You are on the bridge of a Republic Attack Cruiser, while escorting a medical transport. A radio-man alerts you that a distress call is being made from a damaged frigate, several clicks away. You decide to:
    Rally reinforcements to investigate
    Board and help the frigate
    Rescue them for the sake of weapons and ammo
    Proceed with the mission, leave them alone.
    Try to scan the signal for enemy readings
  • 7
    Normally a person would find you:
  • 8
    Which would be your favourite name?
  • 9
    Your ideal weapon would be:
    A blaster pistol
    A heavy-rotating cannon
    A DC-15 blaster rifle
    Two other clone troopers
    Two elite-blaster pistols
  • 10
    While on patrol, which vehicle would you prefer to embark:
    An ARC-170 star-fighter
    AT-TE walker
    AT-RT walker
  • 11
    Scenario: A senator has become under fire in a Coruscant street. You:
    Get the senator into cover, question him then call for back up
    Command any military or police officers to escort the senator away
    Bring the senator into cover and ask him if he is alright
    Shoot at the sharpshooter
    Escort the senator out as fast as you can
  • 12
    Scenario: After liberating a captive city, locals that helped you now threaten your operation. Claiming that now they are free of the Separatists, you will take the city and enforce it under Republic law. You decide to:
    Kill the rebels leader as an example to everyone else
    Get the neutral locals out fast, and leave the oncoming battle for another battalion
    Escape the city in a transport
    Try to talk it out and negotiate
    Hold the rebels at bay until a supreme force arrives
  • 13
    Scenario: As the day ends in a Republic hangar, the droids attack again. A bomb has just been activated. The hangar is being cleared. You see an injured clone trooper caught under debris. Everyone else has gone. Two clones await other order.
    Rescue the soldier and bring him into the transport
    Command the two clones to help the injured, while you try and start up a transport. Wait until they are safely in, then leave
    Start up the vehicle, see if he is still alive, and rescue him if he is
    Leave him
    Help the injured soldier, and run fast
  • 14
    Scenario: The CIS has attacked your outpost. The commander has order you to destroy it, but the bomb has malfunctioned. You decide to:
    Hold off the droids while someone else manages it
    Volunteer to stay behind yourself and detonate
    Attempt to repair it while the others hold off the droids
    Get the commander of the site
    Order a man to stay behind and detonate it manually

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