How do you know you like someone?

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    Do you think about them?

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Kels (33928)
13 days ago
i got I kinda like him and I do, he is a really good friend, but he doesn’t look very good and I’m not that really interested in dating him. He does like me back he is just too scared to ask me out, but the only reason(s) I would say yes is either because I’m desperate or because I don’t wanna let him down/make him feel bad. What should I say when/ if he asks me out?? I need your help
Some One (35839)
13 days ago
Quiz: Do you like him?
Me: What? No! Of course not. I don't like him! I mean, right. Oh gosh darn it! How do you spill the truth of me? Okay fine! Yes, I like him. Geez. -__-
Sydney Bowers (74068)
19 days ago
I think I love him! I fell in love in 7th grade and I don’t know if he likes me but I can’t get him off my mind!
Anonymous (97662)
22 days ago
Soooo like I wasn't sure if I liked this guy in my class
He makes me laugh I love him so much as a friend like all my other friends but I wasn't sure if I liked him when the score said I kinda liked him I was shook.
My whole, class ships me and him they always make cute faces when we sit together then I was dared to hug him which wasn't a big deal since we were friends but it was what everyone was gonna say about it. I hugged him and got it over with but someone took a picture and put hearts around it and showed the teachers. I wasn't expecting to like him tho.
wxyz (04023)
23 days ago
yaa i life a teenagers lyf is a way too complicated in this relationships but yea i to had an experience of this.
it was just this year i got to knw him and idk my feelings towards him. im not sure wether i lyk him or nor but im 50%sure he lyks him cause he had asked me out once and i didnt respond which was my stupidity. we just chat everyday lyk 24/7. everytym i get a message i wish it would be him. and yes he is the bestest boy i hve ever seen i guess. i never had a feeling lyk this anytym before lyk falling in a real love. we hve been the roumor pair in our whole skool . we r teased by every single one in our skool. but the fact is we dont talk much but chat a lott much. he's made laugh up my soul and given his shoulder whenever i need. and yes definetly he can make me smile a little more . my face turns pink even if just hear his name and yea he stil asks me out everyday and he's still waiting for my ans . even in skool when he sees me getting bullied or scolded by others he stands to me and fights for myside.
nw tell me wat shld i do ? is he perfevt for me? shld i accept him as myn?
pls pls pls pl pslssssss help me outttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sillysticker (93587)
26 days ago
Haha @Single Pringle
Exactly right. He likes my friend not me ☹️😆
Anonymous \ ( ^ > ^ ) / (58295)
32 days ago
First of all, I know this guy, but I am very confused about how I feel about him. I have only liked a couple of other guys, but I have never dated somebody so I am VERY confused about this. This guy, he is the only person to ever make me actually feel different. Like a good different. I always text him and he always responds right away, but he sends mixed signals all the time. The last guy I liked, when he figured out that I liked him, instead of actually just saying he doesn't like me. HE INSULTS ME!!! so that is why I am terrified to actually tell him. MY friends all look to me for advice for guys when I never even had one. I tell them to just be themselves and if he doesn't like you for that don't be with him. I live by that rule every single day. I think I like him and my friends tell me that he seems to like me as well, but I am still that weird, dorky, corky, bookworm, potato that no guy will ever tend to like. EVER!! But today the impossible happened. I was on my phone and I saw a TBH notification and it said it was from a boy so I clicked on it and it said "Has been on my mind lately" and MY NAME WAS FREAKIN' clicked on!!! so maybe there is that one person out there that likes me, but I don't know if my crush will. Even though I got 9/10 that I love him. I am still petrified to tell him my true feelings and to actually become a real thing.
Anonymous (91323)
35 days ago
Me, myself right now, currently is super confused about who I even like. There is this one person who I really liked, he probably haven’t ever noticed me before, and therefore my feelings started to mess around when I saw my classmate and realized that I would feel nervous around them, but I keep on thinking I like the other boy, making me thinking about it over and over again, the point is I don’t know who I really like, should I just think of my classmate as a brother? Or what should I do?
HiddlestonerNumber12 (44258)
40 days ago
Yay! I do like him! I hope he likes me back...
FuntimeWaffle (08687)
44 days ago
The whole point is to see whether or not you like them. So asking us if we like them isn't gonna get a definitive answer. smarten up
23 (90172)
47 days ago
I recently broke up with my bf, about 1 month ago. And there's this boy at my class, we've been classmates since 2017. And it was rumoured that he had a crush on me about the period time of 2017, I was sure he stopped, after knowing that i have a bf. And 2018, my bf and i broke up. He grew closer to me, and very caring to me, and kind. And i really don't know how i should feel around him, he sits next to me, just a mention of his name could make me blush, Just yesterday, he confessed, he said that he likes me, and that he's willing to wait for me, I'm not certain of my feelings towards him. I seriously think i like him, since i always thought about him, And he is always there in my mind, UGHHHHH. I don't know,
Caprice Bethea (74516)
47 days ago
I think about this guy everyday I mean I don't know if I like him I guess I do I mean after I like someone else I don't think I'm going to feel like someone else again because of that little incident
SinglePringle (70988)
50 days ago
Do you like him because he likes you?

*sadly clicks False*

(Hewo darkness my old fwienddd)
SOmeone dd (89830)
50 days ago
Sooo I been liking someone for about 2 months about to turn into 3 months and so he has someone and that hurt me a lot , thinking he would like me buh ykyk it was just a dream buh yea ..
Someone (55067)
52 days ago
There’s this boy I text everyday But he has a girlfriend I, I try to not like him but he’s sooooo kind. When ever I hear my phone ding I just pray it’s him.... But I know he will never like me 😔😫
Kitty cat (23229)
61 days ago
I have this crush on this boy for 6 and half years and all he does is use me and always makes me the bad girl when all he does is play people and use them lie to them cheat on them and never helps any girl he only helps his friends and he has made me cry every since I told him th a I liked him and I am tierd of his antics
Random bigender person (91205)
62 days ago
My crush hates me he bullies me so why do I like him plus I'm bigender so another thing he can pick on me about....
A Girl (51537)
72 days ago
There's this boy and I have known him for a long time, we've been friends since we were 2. This boy and I have kissed once and it was such a rush for me because I liked him but known we're all grown up now so I don't know if I should make the move or if I should wait for him but, if I do that I know I'll be waiting foreverrrrr because he's so shy. I know he likes by the way we talk to each other and by the way we touch and do things together but IDEK what to do somebody help me .
trz (47248)
76 days ago
how can there be correct answers I wanted to know if I liked someone true or false makes no freakin sense 🤬😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
Noneia (92160)
88 days ago
For questions 6&9 how are we supposed to know if we like them. This is supposed to tell you if you want to be with them,like them or not.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡